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November Edition 2023

5 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch 2023

Company Management Description
Prasanna Parthasarathy,
Medvantx aims to bridge the gap between patients and access to essential medications. The team works with pharmaceutical manufacturers and providers to offer pharmacy services that provide patients with the right medications. From prescription assistance through Patient Assistance Programs and Cash Pay programs to Quick Start and Bridge programs, Medvantx’s digital pharmacy platform is revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered.
ADHD 360
Phil Anderton,
Managing Director
Technology enabled, cloud based, ground breaking IT platform and a passion to focus, empathize and impute quality became the trademark of ‘360. Overtime, at the insistence and request of the UK NHS, ADHD 360 has provided contracted services to this national institution that celebrates 75 years in 2023.
Adam Sabloff,
CEO & Founder
VirtualHealth's mission is to create a member-centric care ecosystem driven by innovative solutions that enable you to provide the proactive, personalized care members need to change their lives for the better.
Focal Healthcare
Chicuong La,
President & CEO
Focal Healthcare is committed to improving the lives of prostate cancer patients and their families by producing world-class medical equipment
MedicalVeda INC
Amir H Neghabian,
Founder & CEO
Medical Veda’s vision is to be the global leader in the open source health ecosystem for decentralized patient data ownership while allowing all industry players to access patient data seamlessly, securely and instantly.