November Edition 2020

5 Best HealthTech Solution Providers to Watch 2020


Company Management Description
Robbie Hughes, Founder & CEO Lumeon is driving real change in today’s complex healthcare system. With Lumeon, health organizations can take control of their end-to-end care delivery model and maximize the use of resources. 
Cofactor Genomics
Jarret Glasscock, PhD
Founder & CEO
Cofactor Genomics is bridging the precision medicine gap by building diagnostic tools to match the right patient to the right treatment at the right time. 
Tal Givoly, Co-founder & CEO Medivizor improves the lives of people with serious or chronic medical conditions and of those who care for them. And effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity.
Dana G. Mead, Jr. President, CEO & Member of the Board of Directors With its HeartFlow Analysis, a non-invasive personalized cardiac test, physicians at HeartFlow are able to make better care decisions for their patients with suspected coronary artery disease--the number one killer of men and women worldwide. 
CureMetrix Inc
Navid Alipour, Co-founder & CEO Delivering CAD that Works®, CureMetrix is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging, committed to the advancement of technology that improves cancer survival rates worldwide.