November Special Edition 2021 (Vol- I)

5 Best InsurTech Companies to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Intellect SEEC
Jim McKenney,
CSO & Products Business Head
Laila Beane,
CCO & Head of Consulting
Banesh Prabhu,
Intellect SEEC leverages next generation technologies to solve complex insurance problems and create intelligent solutions that deliver results.
ReSource Pro
Dan Epstein,
ReSource Pro brings to the insurance industry tools, technology and strategic services that enable profitable growth through operations excellence.
Ray Villeneuve,
BriteCore is a trusted, fully-managed insurance platform for the property and casualty industry that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models.
Dan Woods,
Founder & CEO
Socotra is focused on delivering agility to the trillion-dollar global insurance industry. Socotra works with global insurers to modernize their technology, making it easier for them to focus on creating innovative products to grow their business.
Mark Nathan,
Founder & CEO
Zipari has pioneered consumer experience technology for health insurance with the power to change an industry. Its platform offers unparalleled insights of every member touchpoint, the most accessible and comprehensive member profiles, and configurable solutions that build on your current technology.