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October Special Edition 2020

5 Best Pharma Companies to Watch 2020


Company Management Description
Mobile MedSoft
Frank L. “Duke” Yetter, CEO & President Mobile MedSoft develops software and enterprise solutions for pharmacies and long-term care providers of all types. Our mobile apps and cloud computing technologies are specifically designed to keep pace with today’s mobile workforce.
Prometheus Biosciences
Mark McKenna, President, member of the board, & CEO Prometheus Biosciences, Inc., is a biopharmaceutical company committed to the discovery, development, and commercialization of a broad portfolio of novel precision therapeutics and companion diagnostics for patients living with unmet needs in gastroenterology and autoimmune diseases.
LS Retail
Magnus Norddahl, CEO LS Retail's LS Central is a complete software solution built on LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. You can manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all store
Clinical Maestro
Anca Maria Copaescu, CEO Clinical Maestro™ is an end-to-end elegant cloud-based platform to more efficiently budget, source and manage complex clinical programs. The name– Strategikon Pharma – comes from a famous strategy manual written by the Byzantine emperor Maurice.
Clinevo Technologies
Dr. Mani Vasudevan, CEO Clinevo Technologies helps Pharma, Biotech and CROs in reducing their time and cost in Clinical trials by implementing innovative technologies that Data warehousing, Analytics, Collaboration, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence.