February Edition 2021

5 Best Salesforce Solution Providers to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Ascendix Technologies
Wes Snow CEO, Co-founder & President Ascendix Technologies is a CRM consulting and custom software development company from Texas. It offers onshore/offshore and mixed models to help you optimize your cost and get quality software and products.
VRP Consulting
Roman Medvedev President & CEO " VRP Consulting helps businesses of all shapes and sizes reach their digital transformation goals, improve customer service and streamline internal processes by maximizing their Salesforce platform."
Lior Kuyer Co-founder & CEO CodeScan is the leading end-to-end static code analysis solution. The company's solutions are Lightning ready for Salesforce, Salesforce teams, and DevOps team.
Denis Horgan Founder & CEO Veltig is a Salesforce Partner and an industry leader in providing business to business implementations, custom development, application development, digital transformation and managed services. It is passionate about delivering intuitive solutions that are specifically crafted for you and your business.
RaajShinde, Co-founder
Jim Mcgrath, Co-founder
SevenPoints was created to guide its customers to cloud technologies that are right for their businesses and to drive maximum value out of their cloud technology investments.