February Edition 2021

Ascendix Technologies: CRM Consulting and Сustom Software Development Since 1996


Customer Relationship Management is extremely crucial to manage interactions with customers and perhaps even potential customers. It helps organizations build customer relationships and streamline processes so they can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. But understanding and delivering with CRM can tough. Ascendix Technologies helps make it easier.

Founded in 1996 by the co-founders Wes Snow and Todd Terry, the company set out to offer CRM consulting services. With time, the company diversified and grew. It created its own CRM products targeted at commercial real estate brokers, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365 users. Today, the company is a renowned CRM consulting and custom software development company from Dallas, Texas, with offshore development offices in Ukraine.

While the company has focused on custom software development since its inception, the company now helps clients improve their current systems, develop new products, and automate their business processes using US-based and offshore developers.

Focus On Employees

For any global company, employees are their star players as it is their coordination and cooperation with each other that dictates how well a company does. Being a company that has a presence in the U.S. and Ukraine, Ascendix places special emphasis on investing in its employees to ensure that there is strong integration between the stateside and Eastern European employees. This includes team members visiting each other in the various offices, cultural exchange clubs, sports, and other employee programs.

But communication can be tedious, especially if you have offices in two different continents. The company combines its pool of highly technical employees with a tenured stateside presence that insulates them from typical communication issues. So, their customers do not have to worry about communication issues as their Ascendix Managed Services remains dialed in to provide a positive experience.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce is a massive platform, and your business might need Salesforce services. Ascendix Technologies has helped many small and enterprise companies to implement Salesforce and adapt it to the needs of their teams. Today, the company provides all-inclusive Salesforce help services through its top CRM consultants: Salesforce implementation, integration, customization, AppExchange app development, administration, and support.

Ascendix Technologies is a certified Salesforce implementation partner, platform developer, app builder, and an AppExchange app developer partner from Dallas, Texas. The company uses its extensive expertise with multiple CRM platforms to help companies implement Salesforce and optimize its usage thanks to well-thought customizations, configurations, and custom development. Ascendix’s Salesforce specialization extends to Real Estate, Property Management, Investment Sales, Capital Markets, Residential and Commercial Mortgage Banking, Financial Services, Construction, Insurance, Travel & Logistics, SaaS & Technology Companies, Professional Services Companies that Serve B2B, and Retail.

“Since going live with our data, Ascendix has continued to improve the experience by rolling out new features, addressing follow-up questions, and assisting/empowering our internal database management group with the knowledge to utilize the software to its fullest. I would unconditionally recommend Ascendix, both for the software and the management and support team,” said David Noble, Vice President of Market Research, Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis.

Ascendix Technologies is a widely recommended CRM consulting and custom software development company which has sustained its reputation of delivering quality products and services over the years. Its onshore/offshore and mixed models help companies optimize their cost and get quality software and products. Wes and Todd's effective management has helped Ascendix Technologies become one of the top CRM consulting companies with an unbiased advisor to the market, focusing on business problems instead of solely relying on technology.

Founder’s Corner

Wes Snow is the CEO, Co-founder and President of Ascendix Technologies and has been on multiple advisory boards for CRM applications over the years including Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and no less than 10 other CRM platforms.

He has over 23 years of CRM consulting experience. He is a frequent guest of podcasts, webinars and he speaks live at various conferences where he shares his tips and best practices on customer relationship management, modern technologies, and his experience with offshore development.

He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Texas at Austin in 1991 receiving a BBA in Finance. Graduate work was completed at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1995 with an MBA in Information Systems.

“We know and understand the business challenges and needs of various businesses and can offer the best solutions based on the lessons learned all the way.”