February Edition 2022

5 Best Software Companies to Watch 2022

Company Management Description
Golden Software
Blakelee Mills,
Golden Software is a leading provider of scientific graphics software, specializing in the development of software that transforms both simple and complex data into understandable visual tools such as maps, graphs and models.
Ariose Software
Amit Goenka,
Co-founder & CEO
Ariose Software offers complete product lifecycle services transforming concepts and requirements into reality in a time and cost efficient manner, helping companies and service providers improve their profitability while offering superior products to their end users, more quickly.
Ofer Zvi,
Fayrix provides outsourcing and staff augmentation services by gaining access to over 1500+ high quality in-house developers and first-class R&D services worldwide. The team is capable to handle any kind of projects – from building a dedicated offshore team to embedded software development & end-user mobile applications.
Jimmy Hyett,
Evasight is a user friendly automated platform that allows you to create, respond, send and review results easily. This is powered by with a sophisticated engine, that ranks, tracks and measures multiple types of value – and turns results into powerful insights that drive long term growth across the whole business.
Mark Rekveld,
Marvelution started out as a way for its founder, Mark Rekveld, to share his coding work with the world. And has since grown into a small company that provides software development consulting and development of its own software be it open or closed source.