March Edition 2020

5 Best Storage Companies to Watch 2020


Company Management Description

Moshe Yanaiis,

Founder & CEO

Infinidat helps customers drive petabyte-scale competitive advantage while providing faster-than-all-flash performance, seven nines availability, and the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.
Versity Software
Bruce Gilpin, CEO Versity Software is the leading independent large archive software company focused on building scalable data storage solutions by aggressively investing in new technology. Versity's customer friendly business model, exclusive focus on archiving, highly rated customer support and efficient pricing sets us apart from the legacy archive vendors.

Najaf Husain,

Founder & CEO

Cloudistics, an on-premises cloud computing company, delivers a complete public cloud experience with composable on-premises infrastructures to medium and large enterprises. Its software-defined technology natively converges network, storage, compute, virtualization, and management into a single platform to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter.

Mohit Aron,

Founder & CEO

Cohesity is redefining data management from the ground up to solve a critical challenge facing businesses today: mass data fragmentation. Most enterprise data — backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data used for test/dev and analytics — sits in fragmented infrastructure silos that make it hard to protect, expensive to manage, and difficult to analyze.
Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

David Friend,

Co- founder, President & CEO

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is enterprise class, tier-free, instantly available and allows you to store an infinite amount of data affordably. Wasabi provides an S3-compliant interface to use with storage applications, gateways and other platforms.