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August Edition 2020

5 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2020

Company Management Description
Golden Software
Blakelee Mills, CEO As Chief Executive Officer of Golden Software, Blakelee Mills oversees the company’s strategic direction, global sales, growth, market expansion, and product direction. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, she began working fulltime with Golden Software. Blakelee’s unique ability to understand both the scientific and technical aspects of the Golden Software products as well as the business development aspect of the business, led her into a leadership role with the company and the eventual position of CEO in 2014.
Dixon Schwabl Advertising
Lauren Dixon, CEO Lauren Dixon began her career as a news broadcaster and still considers herself a storyteller. Since founding the agency 30+ years ago, she has led by inspiration and example. Always accessible to clients, Lauren is a hands-on executive dedicated to fostering a great workplace culture that enables people to do their best.
KellyMitchell Group, Inc
Cassandra Sanford, Co-founder & CEO Cassandra Sanford leads a culture that values the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit in everyone, setting a standard of innovation, enthusiasm, service and accountability that infiltrates every department and office of KellyMitchell. Cassandra inspires partners and clients by showing how taking big innovative swings can drive business results, and believes that technology, data and process innovation sets KellyMitchell apart from the pack.
Nicole Rodrigues, Founder Nicole Rodrigues is the Founder of two companies, NRPR Group and the Young Dreamers Foundation, as well as the host of the YouTube show, Beverly Hills Boss, and author of Beverly Hills Boss, the book. She is a well-rounded public relations and digital marketing pro who’s won multiple awards. Multiple organizations have recognized her as an award-winner and leader in her field.
Poppy Gustafsson OBE, CEO Poppy Gustafsson OBE, Chief Executive Officer of Darktrace, is a mathematician and chartered accountant, and so is very much a data and numerical person. She has vast industry experience across several sectors, particularly specializing in venture capital and technology companies.