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A One Stop Solution to Meet All Data and Information Security Requirements of an Organization: Kyrion

“Set up in 2009, Kyrion pioneered the computer security education market in India, creating a completely new industry segment, subsequently consolidating and maturing it.”

Digital Security is the need of an hour, Kyrion Digital Securities, Flagship Company of Kyrion Group, is working towards the vision to develop India as a Cyber Secured Country. It is a leading player in India to provide Ethical Hacking & IT Security Training to all possible audience. With an outreach to over eighty thousand students and over a thousand major colleges, Kyrion Digital Securities is a well known and trusted brand in the education and information security business.

It has a wide and vibrant profile which caters to a range of professional courses that are customized to suit the aspirations of different graduate streams. It is supported by a clear and strong business model that focuses of improvising to adjust with the trends and needs of a volatile market.

Gain competitive advantage with Kyrion’s training services
The Company has teams of highly experienced IT Security experts to ensure that each solution is aligned to the student’s specific needs. Kyrion specializes in three different training solutions namely:

  • On-site Training (Training at Client’s Location)
    On-site training is provided in all the major sectors, where a team of specialized instructors and trainers come down to school, college, government or corporate office and impart customers with technical know-how and skills. This includes Workshop, In-house Summer Training, Faculty Development Program, Security Essential Series and Corporate Training
  • Off-site Training (Training at Kyrion Offices)
    Kyrion invites students and employees in order to provide them training in their world-class lab environment which includes Industrial Training, Summer Training, Classroom Training, One-o-one Training and Offshore Training.
  • Distance Learning
    Distance Learning Training Program is an alternative initiative taken by Kyrion Digital Securities, against the traditional and conventional methods of training, in order to reach and cater to wide spectrum of masses and audience across the world. Computer Based Training, Face to Face Distance Training and Webinar based Training are offered in this category.

Why Kyrion?

  • It provides customized solutions catering to specific needs of an organization in a customer friendly and cost effective.
  • Kyrion has been growing at a constant rate of 12% annually and has a solid and sustaining business fundamental which is focused on providing better service and top notch security solutions.
  • The Company works perpetually to improve high class standards and regularly upgrades technical capacity.
  • Kyrion has associations with the top technical institutes and research organizations. It holds patent of myriad revolutionary technologies.
  • They have a dedicated research and development department with high grade facilities and technologies.

The Company’s clientele list is exhausting. Few of its esteemed clients are listed below:

Corporate & Government Organization

  • Cert In, Department of Information Technology
  • INS Valsura, Indian Navy, Jamnagar
  • Head Quarter, Indian Air Force, New Delhi
  • Delhi Police
  • Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS), Uttar Pradesh
  • Microsoft Corporation India

College (Graduate & Post Graduation)

  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

A Visionary
The Company is focused on bringing out the best within every individual and epitomizing his capacity to unprecedented levels. Kyrion’s aim is to create a foolproof and impeccably secure information system in India to guard against all kind of malicious information security breach thus, empowering the nation with reliable, efficient and secure database systems.

It has plans to reach those heights through meticulous frameworks and action plans. Their steps begin at university levels and reach out the India Inc and Highly Technical Government Services.

Kyrion Digital Securities Pvt. Ltd is building a work force that experts in building secure and safe data gateways and storage. The company refines information models to emancipate any chance of malicious penetration and render critical data safe and secure.

Knowing the Key Executive

Harshad Kumar, Chairman/Co-Founder – Besides Kyrion Digital Security, Harshad also founded the Kyrion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Kyrion Marketing Pvt. Ltd. He is also the President of India’s IT Security Industry Watchdog Information Security Council of India. Harshad has played a leader’s role in nurturing Kyrion and building it into a leading Global IT Security Talent Development Corporation. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, he has achieved a dynamic and inspiring figure with a wealth of expertise on successful consulted sales operations. As a part of the senior management, he has been responsible for all aspects of general management, driving growth and profitability. He has worked with few of the biggest and most prestigious Channel Partners and Fortune 500 accounts selling and supporting complex solutions. Along with the sales, he has over 18 years of extensive technical or technological experience in the area of enterprise architecture and security.

He studied at the Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Delhi and graduated from the country’s prestigious engineering institution, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 1978 where he pursued B. Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering and is an active member of IIT Delhi Alumni Association.

“We are dedicated to provide you efficient, cost effective and dependable security solutions that will forever change the way you do your business.”