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A Proven Leader in the Retail Industry: The Retail Outsource Companies (T-ROC)

“Commit to your business. Believe in it more than anybody else.” – Sam Walton

While working in the wireless retail industry, Brett Beveridge became frustrated that he had too many stores to properly keep up with store visits from district managers, and without fresh data, it became difficult to increase productivity. Beveridge also recognized the frustrations that customers face when buying complicated technology from people who may not be properly trained to answer their questions, or suggest the right product for their needs. These personal experiences gave him the idea to start The Retail Outsource Companies or T-ROC, a parent company that houses four stand-alone companies which work in synergy to run, manage and maximize a company’s productivity.

The Retail Outsource Companies is a proven leader in the retail industry with forecasted expansion and growth into new related industries. T-ROC is changing the way businesses think about how to operate in order to thrive while taking a hands-on approach to caring for clients.

It is home to four sales solutions companies that enable clients to fulfill all of their sales performance needs:

  • The Retail Outsource: an in and out of store sales performance management company
  • Mobile Insight: real-time field reporting and business intelligence
  • The Consumer Insight: full-service customer experience analysis
  • SYMBITS: managed IT services

The Retail Outsource Companies are structured to handle projects large and small for a variety of clients. The companies and management teams have experience operating in almost every state nationwide, as well as D.C. and Puerto Rico, and looks forward to continued expansion and success in new markets with new clients.

Creating a Mutually-Beneficial Enterprise 
“We’ve hit our stride in both operations and market position, and have improved our ability to do business with those companies who are best suited to our comprehensive solutions, which becomes a mutually-beneficial enterprise,” said Brett Beveridge, CEO.

“As a company we’ve remained true to our vision and core tenets of staying lean but continuing to invest in technology & people. We’ve spent a significant amount of money on developing our own best-in-class field management, training, IT and lead generation systems to both stay competitive and to be able to sell them commercially. This has enabled us to both improve our efficiency as well as lower our ongoing operating expenses, which in turn has enabled us to offer the same types of solutions for our clients, many of whom are Fortune 50 companies,” he added.

Additionally, through listening to customers and their needs, T-ROC has added divisions and offerings to broaden the scope of services and products available. This has brought the group more predictable revenue and long-term relationships.

Solution Offerings
The 4 companies under the TROC umbrella provide a unique combination of solutions. These solutions can be used
independently, but are most effective when used together. Available solutions include real-time tracking and in-store
operations management, field reporting and business intelligence (Vision by Mobile Insight), as well as a revenue enhancing customer management application (Engage by Mobile Insight); and Consumer Insight is a full-service customer experience provider.

CEO Brett Beveridge has won multiple awards including the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies Award, The Red Herring Top 100 Award, The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Cutting Edge Award, The Education Funds Public School Achievement Award, South Florida’s Business Journal’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies Award and others.

The Future
Brett has a deep understanding of the retail industry and realizes the need to constantly be creative in an
ever-changing market, especially when it comes to digital technology that can benefit his company and,
ultimately, his clients. Beveridge recognizes that retail businesses are struggling to cope with initiatives such as mobility, connectivity, big data and omni-channel customer experience. Since no retailer wants reactive IT service on a hit-or-miss basis, during 2015, SYMBITS designed, packaged and provided “In-Store IT platform,” a small box that ensures 100% performance from IT and Internet services. It’s the ultimate answer in retail connectivity, compliance and customer outreach. The idea is to enhance customer experience, and in turn, the company’s bottom line.

Like everything he does, Beveridge takes an innovative and calculated approach to T-ROC’s business model to ensure a profitable future. The CEO has a solid strategy: Attain services-related businesses that do not have inventory ownership, but provide predictable revenue so he can grow the business on a national scale. While Beveridge already owns and operates 35 T-Mobile brand stores, he is now searching for other high-gross retail concepts to roll out on his own. He’s also thinking outside of the traditional retail box and expanding into different fields such as home technology, home energy solutions, aging in place and Smart Cars, just to name a few. Ultimately, Beveridge has a desire to take companies from scratch and create something big that he’s proud of.

Know the CEO
Brett Beveridge is an entrepreneurial, results-driven executive with hands-on experience and proven success in start-ups, profit turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and fundraising. Beveridge has been an entrepreneur since he
started mowing lawns in his Miami neighborhood at just 9 years old. At a young age, his father instilled in him the important business principles of working hard and always exceeding your customer’s expectations. Beveridge is now a serial
entrepreneur and CEO, who has successfully founded more than 10 companies, and he continues to follow his mantra of “Amaze your customers.”

His vast personal experiences in the retail environment led him to found The Retail Outsource Companies (T-ROC), the parent company of four sales solutions companies that enable clients to fulfill all of their sales performance needs. Faced with the frightening statistics that 99 percent of new businesses fail, the father of three girls took a huge risk, and used his own money to start the different companies. His hard work and persistence paid off. In the first year, Beveridge generated close to $500,000 in profit, and T-ROC has now become a leader in the wireless, electronics, software, and retail industries, assisting many Fortune 500 companies.

“We deliver superior sales results through expert training and hiring of high quality individuals.”