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Abnormal Security is the Only Integrated Email Security Solution You Will Ever Need for Your Cloud Office


Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the Abnormal Security platform protects enterprises from targeted email attacks. Abnormal Behavior Technology (ABX) models the identity of both employees and external senders, profiles relationships, and analyzes email content to stop attacks that lead to account takeover, financial damage, and organizational mistrust. Through one-click, API-based Office 365 and G Suite integration, Abnormal sets up in minutes and does not disrupt email flow.

Abnormal Security was founded in 2018 by CEO Evan Reiser, CTO Sanjay Jeyakumar, Head of Machine Learning Jeshua Bratman, and Founding Engineers Abhijit Bagri and Dmitry Chechik. The team previously built behavioral profiling and machine learning technologies at Twitter, Google and Pinterest that are being applied to solve a problem that costs organizations $1 billion per year, according to the FBI. The Abnormal Security platform stops targeted phishing, business email compromise and account takeover attacks that have never been seen before.

"The Greylock team connected us with over 50 Fortune 500 CIOs and CISOs for input on how to apply our unique experience to solve their greatest security risks," said Evan Reiser, Abnormal Security CEO and co-founder. "Every security leader had the same problem: account compromise, executive impersonation, and financial loss due to targeted email attacks that bypass conventional email security. Partnering with these top security organizations helped us design a new cloud-native architecture from the ground up that is fast to evaluate, simple to operate, and uniquely stops the most damaging attacks."

This partnership was essential to get the company going on its journey. Rest as they say is history. Today, Abnormal Security is a next-generation cloud email security company that protects enterprises from targeted email attacks, account compromise and supply chain compromise. Unlike legacy email security solutions, the Abnormal Security platform uses an innovative AI-based approach that deeply understands the people, relationships, and business processes to stop the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Abnormal Security completes the Office 365 deployment by using AI to compute a deep understanding of the people in an enterprise. Abnormal's anomalous behavior detection is the most effective way to detect account compromise and stop socially engineered email attacks such as BEC.

The solution by Abnormal Security helps protect:

  • Against Advanced Email Attacks
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Executive and Employee Impersonations
  • Spear-phishing and Credential Phishing
  • Supply chain attacks / Invoice Fraud
  • Internal Phishing
  • Teams Protection

Stop Credential Phishing

The framework that attackers use when launching email attacks starts with the Pretext. Credential phishing attacks commonly impersonate a known Brand. The email will commonly include a link to a URL that will capture the credentials entered by the victim. Many credential phishing attacks are delivered to end-users because the URLs do not contain any traditional threat signals such as malware. Credential phishing leads to compromised accounts, providing attackers with a foothold inside the organization and putting the organization at risk for data loss or further attacks launched from within.

Abnormal Security uses a unique triangulation of Identity, Relationship and Content signals. Any single analysis may not lead to a high confidence decision, but Abnormal's combination of three pillars results in high precision and accurate identification of targeted email attacks. The three pillars are Abnormal Identity Model, Abnormal Relationship Graph, and Abnormal Content Analysis.

Gets a New CISO

In April 2021, Abnormal Security announced that Mike Britton has joined as the company's new Chief Information Security Officer. Mike is a 25-year information security veteran who joined Abnormal Security after serving as Global Chief Security and Privacy Officer at Alliance Data, a $4.5 billion provider of data-driven marketing, loyalty and payment solutions. In addition to leading all aspects of Alliance Data's security and privacy programs, Mike also was an Abnormal Security customer and advisor who was instrumental in the selection, deployment, and successful use of the platform within the company's environment and global ecosystem.

"Mike is a very experienced executive who has led all aspects of security, governance, risk, and compliance in a high-growth environment at Alliance Data," said Sanjay Jeyakumar, CTO and co-founder of Abnormal Security. "The security and privacy of our customer data are critically important due to the nature of our business. I can think of no better person who combines the understanding of our platform as a customer with the experience of developing a Fortune 500-level global security program to advance our core mission of maintaining and growing the trust of our customers."

The Leader

Evan Reiser, CEO and Co-founder

Evan Reiser is CEO and co-founder of Abnormal Security. He is an expert in applied machine learning solutions with over a decade of operational experience building enterprise behavioral profiling technologies. Evan most recently led product management and machine learning teams for Twitter’s advertising business and prior to that, co-founded several successful companies including Bloomspot (acquired by JPM Chase), and AdStack (acquired by TellApart). Evan started his career at Eastman Kodak doing research and development in machine learning for intelligence applications. He holds a B.S. in computer systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

"Abnormal Security is a next-generation cloud email security company that protects enterprises from targeted email attacks, account compromise and supply chain compromise."