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Adactin innovates, integrates and automates IT solutions


Adactin is a premium Australian software consulting company dedicated to excellent software development and testing with a comprehensive service suite encompassing quality assurance, design and development services, data analytics products and other digital transformation enterprise solutions including quality ICT training programs. The company has a core competency and thought leadership position built around the science of IT development and testing application development.

Adactin Competencies

Adactin has thinkers, innovators, creators, and transformers who believe in making things happen via a highly professional approach, differentiated by expertise, capabilities and imagination. Above all are its clients who entrust it with their business. The firm’s clients are its greatest asset and core strength behind its competencies. They work closely with its highly skilled experts who possess enterprise-level proficiency in the latest tools, trends, and technologies and who make it stand out in the cutting-edge competition of the IT market.

Adactin Stance

The company has set the bar right at the top in the marketplace. Its customized solutions and distinctive vision assist it to deliver solutions across diverse businesses in a variety of industry sectors, utilizing the very latest in technologies and addressing emerging as well as established market trends. It strives to provide the most cost-effective QA, testing, and IT services and solutions with a commitment to creating innovative, tailored solutions to challenging technical problems. It does this by utilizing its deep library of customisable business and service models which the firm carefully aligns with client requirements and objectives.

Adactin Testing Approach

The backbone of its software testing company is a group of professional and knowledgeable testers with years of experience, qualified skills, and an excellent track record providing software testing and quality assurance services. Its software quality assurance is not confined to a single industry. The organization has comprehensive exposure to various industries including, inter alia, information technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and travel.

Adactin for a reason: Unlike many other software testing companies, Adactin follows through to ensure quality testing is central to all aspects and development stages of your application. It does this by using a suite of tools which cuts down the overall testing cost, a benefit which is passed directly to you. But there are good reasons to choose us beyond costs savings, such as:

  • Highly responsive testing services technology and teams
  • End-to-end test planning approach and disciplines
  • A hassle-free testing process management, governance, and reporting
  • Advanced security and usability testing

Functional Testing: Functional testing is the highlight par excellence of its SQA services. This testing incorporates fundamental as well as advanced functionality tests, which address usability, accessibility, and stability.

Non-Functional Testing: Adactin has executed a variety of projects across different technologies with its non-functional SQA services. Adactin tests numerous quality attributes of your application which are normally difficult to quantify by functional testing procedures.

Test Automation: Adactin is deeply focused on offering the very best automation services which can deliver real ROI. It has a wide experience of designing automation frameworks using tools like Selenium, TOSCA, UFT, Microsoft CodedUI and Ranorex and Sahi Pro.

Application Development: Adactin develops an in-depth understanding of your business needs and build a custom solution that optimally fits in your precise requirements. Adactin offers a unique set of application development services that allow you to accommodate more customers, reduce development cycles and minimize overall risks. Its custom applications assist your business to reduce functional gaps by employing a specific architecture in your advanced and integrated applications.

You get what you need: Your search for the best bespoke application development company in the global marketplace ends here. Adactin has a team of experienced coders, professional designers, and innovators who strive to provide you with integrated application development services to transform your ideas into flexible solutions. Its bespoke solutions are geared to one thing – ensuring your business to improve its profitability.

Artificial Intelligence

Adactin’s artificial intelligence services and solutions are focused on implementing technologies, approaches, and procedures to enable businesses to work on complex tasks and to deliver them enhanced value. The company deployed systems that replicate human decision making in a variety of industries. It leverages businesses to turn their big data into big insights and possibilities through its artificial intelligence services and solutions.

Delivering end-to-end projects through AI: With the right combination of systems, software, and open source frameworks, Adactin applies a distinctive range of advanced analytics to your business process through its artificial intelligence focused strategies. It starts by gaining an understanding of a business’s preparedness for AI, using readiness assessments and then implementing a Proofs-of-Concept. In addition, it does workload management and core optimization to open source learning frameworks and offer you the right software to deploy and optimize your business algorithms.

Meet Naveen Garg, CEO and Director

Navneesh is a recognised automation expert and a speaker at international forums; he pursued his passion and interest in Test Automation by authoring four top best-selling automation books. He started his journey as a serial entrepreneur when he was 24 years of age. 

He has since then he co-founded three, successful, award-winning IT companies. Through Navneesh's leadership, Adactin has won numerous industry awards including Deloitte Fast 500 & Fast 50 growing companies, CRN Fast 50 and Westpac Business of tomorrow.

“We are your IT software solutions partner.”