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The Maxeff Motor by Adventech the Real Solution to Conventional Motor Problems


Humanity truly relies on electric motors to run the world. So much so that electric motors consume over 50% of the world’s energy. But the induction motor designs have virtually remained unchanged for over 75 years. But the Maxeff motor, developed by Gerald Goche and his partner Ryan Baker, is setting out to disrupt the induction motors space with its great design and high-efficiency. Pioneered by Adventech, Maxeff motors offer a performance that is around 30% more efficient than a standard IE3 motor.

But why is the Maxeff motor important? Let’s take a look at some statistics. The annual global electrical waste stands at 4.4 trillion kWh. This means that $616 billion (Average cost per kWh globally = $.14, $.14/kWh x 4.4 Trillion) is wasted annually. The annual industrial drive motor consumption is 25% of total global power consumption. 25% of global waste ($616 billion or 4.4 Trillion kWh) value is $154 billion or 1.1 Trillion kWh. Adventech’s technology helps reduce the global industrial drive motor waste at a conservative rate of 15%, i.e., $23 billion annually or 165 billion kWh. A large part of this is due to the Maxeff and remanufactured motors offered by Adventech. The company’s technology is bound to be used extensively by more power grids and companies in the near future, bringing in bigger energy savings and making the world a better place.

We recently interviewed Ron Ballman, CEO/ Partner of Adventech. “I feel extremely fortunate to be part of such an amazing company; the people that I have the privilege of working with are true visionaries and inspire me daily,” said the executive. He also talked about the innovations being delivered by Adventech. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. How is the Maxeff motor by Adventech different from all the motors out there?

Adventech is more than a motor provider; we are an industrial technology company that provides solutions for global energy constraints. Our Maxeff motor is an industrial induction motor that has the appearance like any other as in IEC and NEMA frames, but the appearance is deceiving as our motors operate at 95%+ efficiency,image have the highest torque rating with a power factor of .99. Our technology has a reverse winding that works as a regenerative winding, capturing reactive waste and regenerates it into leading inductive power. No other electric motor in the world has this level of performance.

Q. What was the idea that led to the establishment of Adventech? Tell us about your journey so far.

Adventech was formed out of the acquisition of the Maxeff IP. At the time, it was a proof of concept, but the durability testing and efficiency improvement processes had created an enormous amount of interest as over 1500 motors were in service and the demand was increasing. The developer of the technology Gerald Goche and his partner Ryan Baker reached out to me in 2019 to start putting together a larger facility in Florence as we needed to continue to drive the scaling process. Since opening our 55,000 square feet facility in July of 2019, we increased our motor sales to over 3000 motors in service globally and recently received our third-party data validation from Advanced Energy in North Carolina. Ultimately our goal is to get as many induction motors, VFD units, soft start units and more, into the hands of those who genuinely want to make a positive impact on the many issues we face globally.

Q. How does Adventech stand apart from its competitors?

Adventech is not a standard motor provider; we address the issues facing our planet in a way that makes an impact in the largest market for power consumption on Earth. We are delivering, whereas others in this market make mere empty promises.

Q. Could you tell us about your Remanufacturing process?

Adventech has the ability to retrofit most existing motor frames with our technology. While a new Maxeff motor is around 30% more efficient than a standard IE3 motor, a remanufactured motor by Adventech can deliver 10-20% improvements.

Q. How important are partnerships to your company?

Our partnerships are critical, as our technology is disruptive. It has taken a lot of work to convince many of our partners to give our technology a chance. Many of our partners are household names like Miller/Coors, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch (InBev), Solvay Chemical, and Berkshire Hathaway. These partners have not only embraced our technology but also provided critical data and durability testing in real application settings.

Q. How was your experience working through the COVID-19 pandemic?

First of all, we are grateful that none of our team-mates were directly affected, and we want to express our condolences to all of those that experienced loss during the pandemic. We are hopeful that all our global families will soon be able to move past this. There is nothing I can add that can accurately describe how fearful and difficult these past 12-13 months have been; we are obviously looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy.

Q. You have achieved a lot since your inception. What does the future hold for Adventech?

Growth, we anticipate we will soon garner the right kind of business partnerships that will facilitate the kind of growth, allowing our technology to reach the masses and start resolving the decade-long lingering issues that have plagued our global power grids. Our R&D process has begun to refocus on our transportation/automotive motor; we anticipate a launch in mid-2022.

The Leader

Ron Ballman, CEO/partner

Coming from the renowned Ballman Family, he is the visionary CEO of Adventech. He is also the owner of Ballman Metals, LLC, provider of high quality steel and aluminum fabricated solutions for the automotive racking industry.

“We are delivering, whereas others in this market make mere empty promises.”