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Amplifying Your Content Marketing on Mobile to Drive Customer Acquisitions, Engagement and Conversions by Leveraging The #1 Mobile Content Marketing Solutions: Zumobi


Marketers are rapidly increasing their investments in content marketing, but the content being produced is typically not optimized for mobile distribution. Zumobi, the leader in Mobile Content Marketing Solutions, enables marketers to more effectively distribute and measure their content like blogs, social media, videos and more across important mobile touch points, including their own mobile apps, web, and media. These dynamic content experiences can also increase sales by including all related shoppable products in their content experiences.

The Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) platform makes it easy to curate and distribute content via dynamic targeted mobile experiences called Microzines. Microzines drive customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion, while providing a robust set of data and analytics to marketers so that they can measure and optimize their content mix and ROI.

Zumobi Capabilities

Mobile Audience Acquisition

With years of experience integrating immersive content and advertising into top mobile apps and websites, Zumobi is uniquely positioned to help brands connect and re-engage with their consumers. It offers custom curated, premium audiences that meet exact targeting specifications. Whether brands need standard advertising, pre-roll video or interactive branded content experiences, it will increase user acquisition and exceed engagement metrics.

Through its in-house campaign optimization, Zumobi consistently surpasses performance expectations, often times seeing average CTR’s quadruple. Its optimizations are performed by a team who closely monitor every line item with the goal of exceeding expectations to secure campaign extensions and renewals.

Mobile Content Experiences

Zumobi creates dynamic mobile experiences for brands by leveraging their existing content to engage and activate consumers. Whether you want a Microzine or custom mobile experience, it makes it easy to provide innovative mobile moments for your audience.

Zumobi’s Microzines are dynamic mobile experiences that aggregate a brand’s content from many sources into a dynamic “Flipboard like” mobile destination that engages audiences like never before. Content can be leveraged from sources such as social media channels, video platforms, product information, and content management systems to create an innovative Microzine that may be published on the mobile web, in mobile apps or as mobile ads.

Microzines can include a unique Shoppable Content feature, a new way for brands to offer direct links to personalized articles or purchasable items featured in their content. With a Microzine, brands can distribute and measure their content across mobile channels while harnessing valuable customer data and insights that can be used to better target consumers in their marketing efforts.


A Microzine is a dynamic mobile magazine that aggregates real-time content from a brand’s website, blog, video channels, social media, and other sources into an engaging mobile content experience. Microzines can be hyper-targeted through mobile media to reach highly custom audiences and drive greater customer acquisition, engagement and activation.

Microzines curate content from multiple sources into an engaging mobile experience.

  • Shoppable Content: Include related products next to article and video content to promote a purchase.
  • Related Articles: Feature related articles at the end of content posts to make it easy for users to read more.
  • Integrate Calls to Action: Include download your app, sign-up for newsletters, etc. to drive customer registrations for future engagement.
  • Include Video: Utilize video from YouTube and other sources within content tiles and inline on the home page.
  • Encourage sharing: Integrate sharing functionality to make it easy for users to share your content.
  • Include Promotions: Special offers, coupons, etc. encourage users to take action and drive customer registration.

Use Push Publishing to Target Your Audience

Zumobi push publishes Microzines to your audience by building custom audience targets that utilize mobile-specific targeting techniques and ad formats.

  • Mobile Interstitial: Interstitial ads cover the full screen of a mobile device and offer users a highlevel of engagement with your brand. Microzine interstitialis typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app or mobile website destination, such as between articles or activities.
  • Mobile Web Destination: A mobile web destination is a website or URL dedicated to your Microzine’s mobile content marketing experience that is optimized across all mobile devices. It can be accessed through mobile ads such as banners.
  • In-app Integration: A Microzine can live as a special mobile content marketing section in your app that can be reached via a call-to-action link or button within the content of your app, as well as within your app’s Menu options. Zumobi makes integrating a Microzine in your app easy.

Greet the Leader

Ken Willner, Chief Executive Officer: A veteran marketing and digital media executive, Ken has been actively involved in the development of mobile as a media platform since 2002. Having held senior leadership roles at national advertising agencies, a Fortune 500 company, and emerging media organizations, Ken truly brings a 360-degree view of the marketing and media landscape to Zumobi.

Ken began his career in the advertising business and held senior management roles at national advertising agencies including McCann-Erickson and Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA). During this time, he led the development of advertising and branding campaigns for leading consumer companies including The Walt Disney Company, Hitachi, Washington Mutual Bank, WebTV and Domino's Pizza, among others.

Ken graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in marketing. He is on the IAB Native Advertising Task Force and is a member of the WINMEC Media and Entertainment Advisory Board at UCLA.

“Our Zbi Platform integrates an advanced publishing engine together with a robust web-based command center to deliver a rich content marketing experience to your mobile audience for the first time.”