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An open source digital experience company: Acquia


Drupal is one of the most extensive Content Management Systems available in the open-source platform. It is a combination of a CMS, a web application framework and a web application server as well. All these rich features have made Drupal a preferred choice among developers when it comes to web development. Similar to all open source technology, Drupal is backed up by a large community of experts from around the world and top of it it's an open-source platform.

The features offered by Drupal are like advanced menu management, graphic modification tools, user management systems, etc. make Drupal a desirable choice for both developers and clients.

Acquia empowers the world’s most ambitious brands to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. Acquia’s software and services were built around Drupal to give enterprise companies the ability to build, operate, and optimize websites, apps, and other digital experiences. The firm’s products include: Acquia Cloud, Acquia Cloud Site Factory, Acquia Lightning, Acquia DAM, Acquia Lift, Acquia Commerce, Acquia Journey and several others for the developer experience.

Acquia is helping some of the world’s leading brands succeed, including Warner Music Group, and Stanford University. More than 4,000 organizations are using Acquia’s solutions for content, community and commerce.

Acquia Cloud: Its optimized workflows and best-in-class features help you build and manage modern applications, fast. The platform was developed and continually enhanced to support Drupal 8 sites and applications. It offers additional layers of security above its built-in compliance including CDN and isolation.

Acquia Cohesion: Cohesion redefines what it takes to create beautiful websites. Cohesion is a low-code, Drupal add-on available for Acquia customers that is more inclusive, collaborative, and agile; speeding up build times by as much as 4x. It empowers non-developers in marketing or other departments to be 100 percent brand compliant.

You can briskly drag, drop, arrange and nest to design immersive page layouts based on design patterns that you define. With the help of Cohesion templates, you can be sure that your firm’s branding and design aspects are followed thoroughly.

Acquia Cloud Edge: Acquia Cloud Edge brings cutting-edge performance improvements to your Drupal websites, apps, and APIs all while protecting you from business-halting DDoS attacks and data breaches.

Mautic: A fully-featured campaign management solution that enables organizations of all sizes to orchestrate and deliver individually personalized cross-channel experiences at scale. Mautic helps teams gather important contact information, optimize and replicate campaigns, and ultimately, report on results. No other solution compares to Mautic’s modern and flexible design which provides team members the freedom to move quickly and adapt easily to changing business needs.

Maestro: A solution that enables you to manage multiple Mautic marketing automation accounts from a central location, helping you scale operations across your entire business. Maestro empowers each of your business units or brands with a separate marketing automation instance. It enables efficient delivery of your most valuable campaign elements across multiple teams or clients, while still giving you complete control and visibility.

Acquia AgilOne: A leading customer data platform (CDP) for enterprise brands, with 15 years of experience helping companies increase revenue and profitability. Acquia AgilOne uses powerful machine-learning to restore the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. Acquia AgilOne increases profitability by driving customer lifetime value, return visits, loyalty, time to convert, and more.

Acquia Lift: the only personalization tool optimized for Drupal, is now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. With the new version, anyone – regardless of technical acumen – can point, click and personalize content. Acquia Lift’s new unified user interface lets marketers execute profile management, segmentation and personalization activities in a single place and launch them across a network of websites.

Meet the Expert

Michael Sullivan is CEO of Acquia, effective in December 2017. Sullivan joins Acquia from Micro Focus, where he participated in the merger of Micro Focus with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s software business.

Sullivan was responsible for the information management and governance product portfolio both at Micro Focus and at HP, where he was senior VP and GM for SaaS. Prior to joining HP, he led the Protect business unit at Autonomy, which delivered risk and compliance solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. He joined Autonomy through the acquisition of Zantaz, where he was senior VP of operations and services. Sullivan was the founder and CEO of Steelpoint Technologies, a pioneer in technologies for the intelligent management of unstructured information. He holds a degree in computer information systems from Bentley University.

“We provide the world's most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.”