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August Special Edition 2022

Anodot – Enabling Organizations to Leverage the Transformational Power of AI to Optimize Their Business


Consistent business reporting is a necessity for many companies, as the board may demand to view weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports to get a good sense of how the business is performing. Across business industries, from eCommerce to the service industry, business monitoring can save time and money; in addition, it can also improve your processes in the long run.

Anodot is the business monitoring company that eliminates business blind spots by proactively monitoring business metrics, enabling companies to protect revenue, manage costs, and improve customer experiences. Leveraging AI and ML, Anodot’s augmented analytics proactively alert companies to revenue-critical business incidents and automates their remediation in real time. The company’s Cloud Costs solution provides accurate monitoring and forecasting as well as savings recommendations that cut up to 40% on annual cloud spend. Anodot is trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to help slash time to detection and resolution for revenue-critical issues by as much as 80%. The company is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia and Ra'anana, Israel, with sales offices worldwide.

Enhancing ROI through Conventional Business Monitoring Services

Payment Solutions: Detect payment issues faster, intelligently route payments, and optimize approval rates and revenue with real time monitoring across your payment data. Whether you’re a merchant, acquirer, or payments processor, it’s crucial to have complete visibility into your payments ecosystem so you can identify anomalies in real-time, even through fluctuating demand. Anodot enables teams to optimize the payment process by monitoring the most granular payment metrics and identifying their correlations to each other. Anodot monitors and correlates 100% of your payment data for continuous insights into your payment lifecycles. Instantly know when payments fail with spot-on alerts that provide the full context of what is happening, including incident impact, timeline, correlations, and leading dimensions — geography, payment gateway, customer segment, etc.

Cloud Costs: Easily connect to any cloud provider to monitor and manage your multi-cloud and Kubernetes spend in real-time. Correlate cloud spend with business KPIs and optimize with personalized recommendations. Anodot monitors your cloud metrics together with your revenue and business metrics — so you can understand the true unit economics (revenue, cost, or margin) of your SaaS customers, features, engineering teams, and more. With Anodot, FinOps practitioners can continuously optimize their cloud investments to drive strategic business initiatives. Anodot seamlessly combines all of your cloud spend into a single platform. Monitor and optimize your cloud cost and resource utilization across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Deep dive into your data details and get a clear picture of how your infrastructure and economies are changing. Anodot provides granular visibility into your Kubernetes cost and combines it with your non-containerized costs and business metrics, so you can get an accurate view of how much it costs to run a microservice, feature, etc. Deep dive into your performance, identify under-utilization at the node level, and eliminate idle cost.

Digital Experience: Anodot Digital Experience monitoring lets you find and fix digital experience incidents before they impact your customers and business. By monitoring the most granular metrics of the digital experience and identifying their correlation to each other, Anodot enables data, operations, marketing and product teams to optimize the digital experience at every touch point. Anodot monitors and correlates 100% of your digital experience data for continuous insight into what your customers are experiencing. Instantly know when digital experiences go wrong with spot-on alerts that provide the full context of what is happening including incident impact, timeline, correlations, and leading dimensions such as geography, product, customer segment, etc. With Anodot, your team is positioned to quickly triage and resolve digital experience and funnel incidents.  For every incident, from a drop in conversions to an increase in load times, check what went wrong, where, and why — and automate your remediation workflows to accelerate incident response and resolution.

AD Campaigns: Anodot Ad Campaigns monitors your ad and auction performance and alerts you to the mission-critical incidents that determine your return on ad spend. By monitoring the most granular digital ad metrics and identifying their correlation to each other, Anodot Ad Campaigns enables marketing and PPC teams to optimize their campaigns for conversion, targeting, creative, bidding, placement, and scale. Anodot Ad Campaigns monitors and correlates 100% of your ad and auction data for continuous insight into your campaign performance. Instantly know when a campaign is overspending, underperforming, or simply breaks with spot-on alerts that provide the full story of what is happening. With Anodot, your team is positioned to quickly triage and resolve ad and auction performance incidents.

Meet the Leader

David Drai is a Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Anodot. He is committed to helping data-driven companies illuminate business blind spots with AI analytics. Previously, he was CTO at Gett, an app-based transportation service used in hundreds of cities worldwide.

"Our customers use Anodot to protect revenue, reduce costs and improve the customer experience."