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AnyDesk Software is Empowering Tech Teams with the Tools They Need to Do Great Work


The Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered company was established by co-founders Philipp Weiser, Andreas Mähler, and Olaf Liebe in 2014. In 2012, the trio decided to create a remote desktop software solution that was better and faster than the programs that were already on the market. In order to do that, they exchanged the comfort of a regular job for a salary of 1,000 Eur a month, working at a 25 square meter office and putting everything on the line for their idea. They soon received the support of a “angel investor” who believed in the project as much as its creators. Two years later, the software was ready for a release in May 2014. And AnyDesk Software was born.

Today, AnyDesk’s reliable remote desktop technology is making working from home feel almost like you’re sitting in front of your PC at the office. It’s been quite a journey for AnyDesk from those early startup days to now being an innovative company and successful company on the market.

AnyDesk’s software is based on the company’s unique proprietary codec, DeskRT, which allows for virtually latency-free collaboration whether you’re down the hall or on the other side of the world. AnyDesk is one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in Germany, and its technology is trusted by millions of people and more than 55,000 companies in 190 countries, including world-renowned Fortune 500 brands. AnyDesk’s multi-platform approach has made it incredibly popular at workplaces all over the world.

Flexibility, Reliability, and Security

Working conditions have changed drastically as companies have quickly switched to a remote-only model to avoid the potential spread of COVID-19. This was a smart and necessary step. But it is important that companies implement remote working tools securely while ensuring flexibility and reliability. AnyDesk’s unique remote access software has been downloaded by more than 400 million users worldwide, adding another 9 million each month.

We asked the AnyDesk Software what makes its solutions flexible, reliable, and secure. “We try not to rely too much on third-party software because it’s really hard to maintain that and to have an overview of the security implications and pitfalls that might impose. We manage our own infrastructure and deploy the server network of over several hundred servers. We just use bare-metal data center server, and we implement the software,” answered Philipp Weiser, CEO of AnyDesk Software. Because of such measures, AnyDesk’s attack surface from the outside of these servers remains minimal. The executive further explained that the company’s network topology had been created in a way that AnyDesk’s main central servers are hidden from the public internet.

Moreover, AnyDesk’s servers steer clear of storing any kind of diced data. This means that even if the data on them is compromised, there’s no real problem from a data security standpoint as this data is only stored on the central server, which is hidden from the public internet and not accessible. Strong TLS encryption renders all the connections safe too.

Affordability is another factor that increases the reach of any product. AnyDesk implements its whole cloud service infrastructure by itself on the basic hardware. By doing this, the company is able to significantly cut costs of its infrastructure while still being able to reflect the drive, infrastructure work while still being profitable. Further, AnyDesk doesn’t implement any third-party tools and does not have to foot any license costs, making its solution affordable.

A Culture of Innovation

Rapid change is the norm across all industries, and maintaining the status quo does not help anybody compete. You cannot just develop new products and be successful. Today, true success comes from the innovation sourced from the environments fostered in the organizations. Such systems help innovation thrive and create value for customers and for the organization. AnyDesk Software’s culture inspires innovation.

As a product- and research-driven company, AnyDesk truly works in a unique way. AnyDesk has several research projects that are run by small, but extremely talented teams. These teams are given a remarkable amount of independence to help foster innovation. “We pick goals and then give as much freedom as possible to the engineer who is responsible,” said Weiser. The company calls this software scale-up process as its “Evolutionary Principle.” The company’s technology allows it to create prototypes in an expeditious way and test it on the markets. AnyDesk also works on thinking at least three to five years in advance before these ideas become mainstream. “We believe that this combination will keep us above water in terms of productivity and future,” quipped Weiser.

Looking Ahead

Remote access is something that will always have a use case as we move forward beyond the pandemic. But innovators like AnyDesk will have to improve their products around these use cases to make it attractive for potential clients. AnyDesk plans to build new services on top of its existing cloud infrastructure with security implementation details that are already updated. “We also have plans to make our cloud infrastructure available with all its benefits to third-party companies. We have seen an increased demand for the need to transform the business, to bring it to the cloud, to make it more future compatible, while also reducing the number of required employees. Our infrastructure is one candidate in order to fulfill that need,” added Weiser.

AnyDesk is expected to become a multi-product company in the near future. “We want to have a complete product range that is adjacent and also required in terms of security,” said Weiser. The company also plans to release more products and launch a multi-platform that can reach more of its target audience.

The Leader Upfront

Philipp Weiser, Chief Executive Officer

Weiser is responsible for the management of the company and the research and development division. He has many years of experience developing software, starting his career in 2009 at German TeamViewer GmbH. As a software developer, he planned and implemented important, real-time data processing features such as Internet telephony (Voice-Over-IP) and video transmission functions. A new file transfer system with drag & drop functionality strongly integrated into MS-Windows as well as many internal system components are also based on his work. In the summer of 2012, Weiser left TeamViewer GmbH together with Andreas Mähler (currently CSO of AnyDesk) to work on the DeskRT video codec, AnyDesk’s core component, with the goal of providing users with a better product.

“ AnyDesk’s unique remote access software has been downloaded by more than 400 million users worldwide, adding another 9 million each month.”