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Attune Technologies: Transforming healthcare services by creating a cohesive and collaborative technology

thesiliconreview-amit-kumar-chief-finance-and-operations-officer-director-mea-attune-technologies-2017The healthcare industry around the globe is facing a number of challenges like high IT costs, more processing power, ubiquitous access, scalability and demand for interoperability. With the changing regulations, consolidation and the consumerization of healthcare creating a new and dynamic marketplace, the time has become challenging for the healthcare industry. As the present health technology is deficient to address these challenges, Cloud computing having qualities such as multi-tenancy, flexibility and metered delivery appears to be a viable approach. To thrive, organizations must develop a solid strategy in order to respond to new business opportunities and evolving consumer expectations, and Attune Technologies helps in achieving that with solutions that seamlessly integrate labs, hospitals, pharmacies, radiology, medical devices, insurance companies, and accounting delivering increased revenues, enhanced operational efficiency, and a positive care experience.

Founded in 2008, as a healthcare technology initiative of four budding entrepreneurs, Arvind Kumar, Ramakrishnan Venkataraman, Dr. Anand Gnanaraj, and Mohanaraj Paramagurusamy, Attune Technologies is a next-generation healthcare IT Company that has pioneered the concept of cloud-based products for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

In 2015, Attune Technologies secured $10M funding from Qualcomm and Norwest venture partners to expand its digital healthcare solutions offerings in India and overseas. As a part of its portfolio expansion, Attune also has invested in two health-tech startups: Hyderabad-based Multiplier Solutions and Bangalore based ABI Health.

Headquartered in Singapore, Attune supports over 40million patient health records serving 200+ clients spread across 15 countries in the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

The company recently setup its operations in Dubai catering to the Middle East and Africa markets and is strongly and aggressively focused on providing its quality solutions to all segments in healthcare at an affordable price. Attune’s solutions in the middle east immensely helps in improved workflow automation; clinical report accuracy, insurance claim processing, user friendly access to MIS, thereby enabling customers to expand quickly by monitoring the geographically dispersed centers and standardizing the operations of each centre with ease and to have a consolidated picture by rolling up all the centers. Attune’s EHealth framework connects all the healthcare delivery systems (primary, secondary and tertiary) under one platform which immensely helps providing visibility and preventive care to the stakeholders of the health ecosystem.

Supporting the entire healthcare ecosystem across multiple regions

With almost a decade of experience in healthcare innovation, the company today delivers the entire gamut of automated care solutions across the care network. From end-to-end solutions that integrate care access, record keeping, and diagnostics to hospital administration, clinical support, and remote monitoring, Attune’s solutions have kept pace with the ever-evolving passion of technology from cloud-based solutions to IoT-enabled products.

The healthcare IT leader, Attune is currently positioned in the mid-to-large healthcare segment, delivering customized solutions across organizations - from simple labs and single-physician clinics to large sophisticated large laboratory and hospital chains. Today’s care landscape is brimming with innumerable care provider networks - from labs and pharmacies to multi-specialty hospitals and wellness enablers. Attune’s solutions integrate all these stakeholders and strengthen their network through seamless data-enabled connectivity and efficiently automating non-clinical activities.

Attune products are web based, deployable on cloud as well as on premise and offer multi centre data sharing, data confidentiality and security and can manage high volume of data.

Improving patient care with its robust offerings

Since its inception, Attune’s flagship Hospital Information System, Practice Management Systems, Lab Information System (Winner of NASSCOM Emerge 2016 Award), Spectra Maestro and Claimbook etc. have been helping hospitals, clinics, diagnostic laboratories, radiology and imaging centers get significant return on investment in the shortest possible timeframe.

  • Hospital Information System: Attune Hospital Information System integrates all the departments from pharmacies and diagnostic labs to imaging units spread across different geographic locations giving a holistic look of the business.
  • Practice Management System: Attune Practice Management System has been designed by practicing doctors who understand the challenges of medical practice. The intuitive templates, reports and dashboards have been created to help run the practice seamlessly while maintaining international standards.
  • Lab Information System: Attune Lab Information System helps manage complex workflow, store and analyze different dataset, promote multi center collaboration, scale collection centers, branches & partner networks, ensure regulatory compliance, and offer quick turn-around time (TAT) with custom designed reports for the patients.
  • Imaging Solutions: Attune Imaging Solutions provides massive improvements across the board through an elaborate image management system with coarse and fine control options to optimize workflow. Its Zero footprint DICOM Viewer helps you go filmless and paperless anywhere, anytime, on the go.
  • National eHealth Solution: Attune’s Robust eHealth System will help lower burden on the state’s economy & improve productivity resulting in healthy & happy citizens who appreciate the government’s efforts. Attune Public Health Solutions can transform the way health workers improve efficiency and impact citizens. The Attune eHealth framework is a comprehensive representation of the various levels in the healthcare delivery hierarchy and mode of the delivery system.
  • CLAIMBOOK: Attune Claimbook helps hospitals by accelerating overall discharge process of insurance patients. It enhances Hospital revenue collection by increasing effective bed care days in hospitals for new admissions and prevents revenue leakages in payment collections from TPA/Insurance companies.
  • Mobile Applications: Attune offers various applications connecting Doctors to other healthcare professionals, patient scheduling for sample collection and tele health which help connecting the healthcare professionals and patients on the go.

The roadmap ahead

Designed by doctors and developed by experts, Attune understands that the problems of healthcare professionals are best understood by those who have experience in the healthcare domain. That is why, unlike most of the traditional technology companies, Attune brings together a strong amalgamation of clinical and medical professionals working alongside IT specialists to create innovative products for hospitals, labs and clinics.

The company is currently focused on offering a one stop shop to the healthcare world that covers complete revenue analytics, operational efficiency, patient record automations and engagement. Its goal is to bring this at an affordable price and minimized effort for the healthcare providers and build a learning mechanism through AI and ML to assist the providers to get progressive and assistive inputs in medical field. The company focuses on providing each healthcare provider, the best and affordable systems to deliver world class medical facility to their customers and redefine the entire health IT workflow.

Meet the key executive, Amit Kumar

Amit is the Chief Operating and Finance Officer at Attune and Director for the MEA business. Having an exposure in various fields over past 17+ years in managing business operations in the Indian subcontinent and international markets, he has been associated with reputed organizations like GE Healthcare, Oracle India, Schweppes International and Bosch GmBH.

“The extensive scope for interoperability and scalability makes Attune’s solutions a perfect fit for most care organizations, independent of their size and area of specialization.”