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Automated Insights Inc: Revolutionizing Content Generation through ‘Wordsmith’

“Better content means better business.” – Kristina Halvorson

When it comes to writing, most innovations have been about content distribution. The internet, email and social media have all helped words get farther and faster. But the way in which professionals write hasn’t changed much from the word processor, until now. Automated Insights Inc. is the company behind Wordsmith, the software revolutionizing the way professionals write with data. From ecommerce to financial services, from real estate to media, for any industry, Wordsmith enables the creation of unlimited number of articles, reports or other pieces of content in the time it takes to write just one using data; therefore driving retention, engagement and revenue.
The company was founded in 2007 by Robbie Allen, who saw an opportunity at the intersection of computer automation and the process humans go through mentally, when writing.
Headquartered in Durham, NC, USA, Automated Insights started its operations in sports statistics and operates today in a number of verticals including finance, consumer content, business intelligence, and marketing analytics.
“We’ve been transforming how companies create and benefit from content since 2007. Over the past few years, we’ve been building a platform that everyone can use to automate writing. We call that platform Wordsmith. It lets you generate unlimited pieces of content from a single story structure and dataset that sounds like a person wrote each one of them individually”, says Robbie Allen, CEO and Founder of Automated Insights.
Automating billions of pieces of content: Wordsmith
Wordsmith makes it easy to generate thousands of stories, reports, and articles in the time it takes to write just one. It helps data-driven industries, including financial services, e-commerce, real estate, business intelligence, and media, achieve scale, efficiency and personalization in the writing process. For the last couple of years, Wordsmith has created more content than any other company in the world. Last year alone, it generated over one billion pieces of targeted, personalized content.
Wordsmith is easy to use and works in the following manner:
1)Upload your data
Start by uploading your data into Wordsmith via comma separated file (.CSV) or API. The platform can communicate around any subject with structured data.
2)Design your article
Wordsmith gives you complete flexibility. With the easy-to-use editor, you can create narratives with all the personality and variability of a human writer, at any scale. You control the length, tone and variability, so every one of your articles or reports is totally unique, compelling and individually personalized. It’s like you are personally talking with every reader.
3)Generate your narratives
Wordsmith enables scale, speed, and personalization that have never been possible until now. The platform writes an individual story for every row of your data, ready to use, and that can be published via API in any way you’d like— manually, on a schedule, or in response to events from your users. Wordsmith enables you to communicate like a human, but at a scale that no human can match. Whether you want to publish 100 internal reports, 10,000 product descriptions or write individually personalized stories for each one of your millions of users, Wordsmith is for you. It makes writing thousands of articles as easy as writing just one.
Turning Spreadsheets into Stories for Any Industry
For any industry, Wordsmith enables personalized content on any device at scale.


  • New Automation for Ecommerce Managers
    As e-commerce continues to rise, the automation of product descriptions is the next step in driving efficiency and productivity. Wordsmith enables the engagement of shoppers and increases sales with unique product descriptions that could be produced in hours, not days or weeks. Costly writing services could be skipped and investment in revenue-generating campaigns could be made.
  • Radical Productivity for Writers
    Huge volumes of highly targeted, SEO-rich content can be generated in a fraction of the time it typically takes and traffic could be driven to each and every product. Wordsmith automates the writing process and empowers the generation of content on a scale that’s never before been possible.
Media I
  • Increase Productivity
    Media companies can cover more sports, politics, finance, business and crime stories, growing their readership across demographics and interest areas.Grow Readership and Expand Coverage Using Wordsmith will be relatively straightforward for any journalist with a facility for data.
Real Estate
  • Get More Time to Sell
    Wordsmith enables real estate firms to automate the writing of property descriptions that stand out, and give themselves time back to serve clients. It also helps to generate first-time home buyer and market reports, making listings more appealing to buyers and sellers.
  • Skip the Headache of Writing Property Listings
    For many real estate agents, writing is a dreaded, but necessary, chore. There are listing descriptions to write and market reports to draft. If you’re not a person to whom writing comes naturally, these tasks can be a massive time and energy drain. Fortunately, Wordsmith takes that pain out of writing—by doing it for you.
Financial Services
  • Scale without Growing Pains
    Wordsmith helps in delivering personalized portfolio summaries, market reports, asset allocation reviews and more to all clients, while reducing the cost of production. It gives the ability to produce individualized customer communications to serve an increasing number of clients with increasingly diverse portfolios.
  • Personalization Made Easy
    With Wordsmith, the writing process is automated, yet each report reads as if a financial expert carefully crafted it by hand.
Marketing Agencies
  • Automation of Reports Every Week
    Marketing agencies can automatically generate campaign summaries, media buyer reports, client reporting, ratings overviews and brand management reports in a fraction of the time it usually takes. They can use that time to win new business, develop awesome creative content, and grow the business.
  • Bring Unparalleled Value to Clients
    Wordsmith allows marketers, analysts and managers to deliver fully automated, personalized campaign reports to clients. It gives them complete flexibility to create narratives with all the personality and variability of a human writer, at any scale. 
Business Intelligence
  • Move Beyond Chart Noise
    Using Wordsmith, insights can be delivered in plain English, so that employees have the information they need to make the best decisions. It allows the individualization of reports for each team member, ensuring that everyone focuses on improving their contribution to company performance.
  • Scale Personalized Reports Easily
    Wordsmith allows the generation of as many reports as needed, as often as needed. It automates everything from sales and financial performance reports to IT management and supply chain efficiency updates.
Recognitions Galore!
  • CEO Robbie Allen was named as the North Carolina Technology Association’s Tech Exec of the Year in 2015.
  • Automated Insights was one of Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Content and Social Analytics” in 2015.
  • Triangle Business Journal included Automated Insights on its list of “Best Places to Work in the Triangle” for the fourth time in a row in 2015.
Key Clientele
Current clients of Automated Insights include The Associated Press, Allstate,, Yahoo!, and Comcast.
Client Testimonials

“The quality of the reports generated by Automated Insights is absolutely stunning. Their readability, design and structure make it easy and incredibly valuable to share these reports with our clients.”
– Bill Quell, Founder, ClickAway, Creative
“We’d like to provide Google Analytics reports that filter out noise, extract meaning, add data visualization, and summarize the findings. That hasn’t been possible in anything close to a timely manner or profitably, until now. Wordsmith’s hands-off analytics reporting could very possibly save more employee time than Facebook has taken away.” – Dan Green, President, Green Internet Group
“Once I realized that not only did their system write the report, it also made gorgeous charts and tables — I was hooked. I get a beautiful report, on demand, full of excellent, insightful analysis. It’s a huge timesaver for a growing digital agency like WebSavvy.” – Mike Rhodes, Owner, WebSavvy
“There is no way that Allstate could produce what we are doing today having analysts do all of that without Wordsmith.” – Allstate Corporation
The Leadership Team Robbie Allen, Founder and CEO
Robbie drives the company’s strategic vision, oversees engineering and research, and ensures the company continues to be named best place to work in the Raleigh-Durham area, an honor it’s received for four years in a row. Robbie started writing code to automate the writing process while working at Cisco, where he was a Distinguished Engineer, the company’s top technical position. He has two engineering Master’s degrees from MIT and has authored or co-authored ten books about enterprise software and software development.
Adam Smith, Chief Revenue Officer
Adam is responsible for the revenue producing areas of Ai’s business, including the Wordsmith platform, new products and professional service implementations. In addition to product ideation and go-to-market strategy, he runs sales and marketing for Ai. He was the company’s first business hire and an advisor to the company since its founding. A former Vice President at Square 1 Bank, he launched a national division focused on pre-VC startups where he advised hundreds of early-stage founders on strategy, sales and fundraising. Prior to Square 1, Adam was a Vice President at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, where he led development of FastTrac Tech, a world-renowned mentoring program for technology entrepreneurs.
Joe Procopio, Chief Product Officer
Joe designed and co-developed the first version of the Wordsmith engine and continues to guide the company’s direction for furthering the science of automated content. He leads a team of data scientists, content architects, technologists, and editors. Joe began his career as a technical consultant, and has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies on high profile products. He has also founded several startups, most recently ExitEvent, a network and news site for early stage startups, which was acquired by Capitol Broadcasting in 2013. He has had opinion bylines in major publications for over 15 years.

“Hundreds of companies use Wordsmith to automate billions of pieces of content.”