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A trusted personal injury, employment & civil rights law firm delivering best-in-class services with its experienced attorneys: The Tucker Moore Group, LLP


Civil rights laws were created to protect citizens from unlawful harassment, abuse, or discrimination in a variety of settings like the workplace, schools, housing, business, public places, healthcare, and more. If you have been mistreated by law enforcement, a victim of human trafficking, or a victim of a hate crime, it is highly advisable to get the services of a civil rights attorney. The main role of a civil rights attorney is to fight for equality and justice for their clients. Civil rights attorneys generally perform a variety of tasks while in the process of helping their clients. Since most people are unaware of the complex laws that revolve around civil rights, it is important to have legal aid on your side.

Globally, there are various law firms delivering excellent services, but Tucker Moore Group LLP stands out from the rest. The Tucker Moore Group, LLP is a trusted personal injury, employment, and civil rights law firm with locations in Grenada, MS, Ridgeland, MS, Memphis, TN. Jamaica, NY and Hyattsville, MD. The company’s experienced personal injury attorneys can help you fight for compensation after an accident. The Tucker Moore Group is comprised of individuals who share common values and who are devoted to providing the highest quality of legal services to their clients. The firm constantly strives for the prompt, efficient, fair, and just disposition of litigation and disputes entrusted to it.

In conversation with Charles Tucker Jr., Managing Partner of The Tucker Moore Group, LLP

 Q. Can you take us through the journey of the company right from its beginning to the point where it unwaveringly stands today?

In 2015 I started Tucker Law Group. In 2016 I partnered with Carlos Moore out of Mississippi, and we created Tucker Moore Law Group to increase our span and effectiveness across several states from Mississippi to New York.

Explain your services in brief.

Our firm handles a wide range of cases including, but not limited to, Employee Civil Rights, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Real Estate, and Probate cases.

Q. Legal work requires lots of rational thinking and research. How do you maintain efficiency in your service?

I lean on my support staff and delegate tasks through effective communication.

Firms and corporations are crossing international borders and expanding across the globe through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, and collaboration with foreign counsel. Tell us about your compliance model.

We operate on a 10-point check and balance model and work with subject-matter field experts to ensure that all the proper procedures are followed regardless of where the transactions occur.

Q. How do you deal with changing legal paradigms?

We embrace the ever-changing legal paradigms by forming partnerships that go beyond our local boundaries to establish legal excellence that transcends the miles.

Q. Technology has transformed the practice of law. Which are some of the technologies that have helped you to improve your services?

We rely heavily on technology, especially during these unprecedented times regarding Covid-19. Some of our most used software includes Zoom, Teams, SmartAdvocate, and Google Drive.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out as an entrepreneur in the law field, what would it be?

I strongly encourage any up-and-coming entrepreneur to focus on one area and become excellent in that space.


Q. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

I am diligent in attending leadership classes and conferences. I also am a sitting member of the Top 100 National Black Lawyers Association.

Q. Can you tell us about some of your achievements?

I am an emerging leader in the field that was selected to be included in the Top 100 Criminal Defense and Civil Defense attorneys list by the National Trial Lawyers for 2019 and 2020. I am also an accomplished author and have co-authored several chapters in several textbooks. I am an associate professor with experience in the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate levels. I am working diligently to provide training for law enforcement in this new collaborative era in policing on the local, state, and federal levels.

Meet the leader behind the success of The Tucker Moore Group, LLP

Boasting over 22 years of experience, Charles Tucker Jr. has been recognized as an outstanding litigation attorney with over 310 jury trials, bench trials, and administrative hearings to his credit. Today, as Managing Partner for the Tucker Moore Group, LLP in Hyattsville, Maryland, Charles specializes in civil, employment, and criminal defense litigation and is always willing to fight for his clients. With locations in Mississippi, New York, and Maryland, the Tucker Moore Group is a criminal defense, employment, and civil rights law firm. In addition to their practice areas of personal injury, family law, and bankruptcy, the firm is starting a new division of financial literacy as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their goal is to assist clients both within and outside of bankruptcy by offering financial literacy resources both in office and online. Most recently, Charles authored new book called The Five Brothers, which is about him and his four colleagues. The work was released in Nov 2020 on Amazon and was a Top Ten Best Seller for several weeks and was in the Top Ten of new releases for over six weeks. He has been recognized as a Top 100 litigator in Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense in 2019-2021.

Prior to his current position, Charles earned a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Public Administration, and a Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University. He then began his legal career at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office where he prosecuted domestic violence cases, homicides, and special victim cases. In 2005, Charles left Brooklyn as a senior trial attorney in the Special Victims Unit and moved to the District of Columbia. There, he served as an assistant attorney general in the Personnel Labor and Employment Division.

“The Tucker Moore Group gets to the heart of our clients’ legal objectives, to deliver the services they need with the speed and cost-effectiveness they value.”