The Employee Rewards and Recognition Platform for the Modern Workplace: Blueboard

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The Employee Rewards and Recognition Platform for the Modern Workplace: Blueboard


We’re all familiar with the benefits of employee recognition. When employees feel valued, they’re more engaged, motivated, and likely to go the extra mile for their company. When employees come to work feeling safe, knowing they are valued, and their work makes a difference, they will naturally feel more engaged and productive. Only when these feelings come from a place of sincerity can businesses reap the bottom line benefits of employee recognition. Believing productivity and profits are the primary goal of a program minimizes the human element of recognition. In short, this approach reduces recognition to a transaction.

Blueboard is one such employee recognition platform that enables companies to reward top employees with memorable, personal, and shareable experiences. Experiences as rewards not only provide a more meaningful avenue for employee recognition, but also create a lasting impact on your top engagement metrics (like increased employee motivation and retention rates, and providing a more positive company culture). Experiences range from local adventures like learning to surf or DJ, taking guitar or an aerobatic flight lesson, to luxury incentive travel escapes. Blueboard is currently working with innovative brands like Zendesk, Pinterest, Lyft, Otis Elevators, Edmunds, Chick-fil-A, and hundreds more.

Next-Generation Employee Recognition Services and Solutions Offered

Automated Anniversary Engine: With Anniversary Engine, you no longer need to send out all rewards on one day of the month because it’s most efficient. You’re now able to approve all rewards in advance, on your own timing and they will send on the specified day that matters the most (on the exact day of their anniversary, following Mondays if falling on a weekend, etc.). This is the benefit of automation. You can now focus on spending a few extra minutes talking to the employee, telling them how much they’ve meant to your company over the last year/s instead of spending hours on logistics and administering the rewards themselves (i.e. buying cakes, blowing up balloons). Instead, reminisce about your favorite moments, contributions, stories, inside jokes, whatever comes to mind, and let Blueboard platform do the rest. When they come back from their experience, you’re given another opportunity to reconnect around the new memories they’ve created.

Microsoft Teams integration: One of the toughest parts of a hybrid work setting is the lack of visibility. Now that they don’t see each other in the office every day, very few people see the meaningful work being done by their coworkers. There are also fewer opportunities for organic employee recognition moments, high fives, or saying “great job” to a colleague as you walk out of a presentation together. Blueboard’s Microsoft Teams integration helps companies raise awareness of their top performers’ hard work. With its feature, you can automatically push out notifications any time an employee receives a Blueboard reward.

You can even include the specific company value demonstrated or achievement accomplished to build visibility around your recognition efforts. Using Blueboard signals to your people that you understand what’s most important to them - quality time spent outside of the office. Imagine hitting your three-year anniversary, and being offered the choice of a couple’s massage with your partner, learning to play the guitar, or taking a bucket list family vacation to Banff. All the sudden, it feels like your company really gets you.

Real-Time Insights: You’ll get a 360-degree view into your complete rewards lifecycle - from reward delivery, to scheduling, to completion. Budget utilization data simplifies payroll accounting and provides a full account of the experiences chosen by your employees. Administrators can easily monitor how various program budgets are being consumed (at a company level, or individual program level). Easily transfer budgets between programs, and set approval hierarchies to ensure funds are properly utilized.

The company empowers Blueboard recipients to share their feedback and favorite memories through its automated post-experience surveys. Meaning you can see your impact and program ratings first-hand and in real-time. Every time a reward is redeemed, you can push out notifications in a dedicated Blueboard recognition channel and show everyone the awesome experiences people are choosing—whether that’s taking flying trapeze lessons or building a background greenhouse garden with the family. 

The Formidable Leader

Taylor Smith is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blueboard.

“We’re Blueboard, and we’re here to turn them into rewards that inspire your people to live their best lives.”