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BluePi: Transforming Businesses with Actionable Insights


With the emergence of analytics, data has become the most powerful currency in the world. Data has changed the world of business like never before. Most enterprises today understand the positives aspects of being data-centric and data-driven. Data today is harnessed into information that supports and drives decision making for most of the enterprises.

The challenge lies in creating the necessary efficiencies to deliver the required or enhanced business outputs by redeploying the limited resources and harnessing data to support valued business decisions and activities that come with it. BluePi, a Gurgaon, India-based company excels in making this happen.

Founded in 2012, by a bunch of data wizards, BluePi today is the name behind many large and small businesses that are transforming themselves through actionable insights. The company consolidates, enriches, and democratizes data for businesses and helps them gain meaningful actionable insights that aid their decision making. They also identify instances where their clients can implement AI/ML to help them better serve the customers, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Optimize Your Retail

Retail enterprises consistently struggle to keep a check on their inventory. Many things including changing seasons, holidays, demography, and product-life cycles affect them. And this significantly impacts customer retention which is a big concern. Customers usually move onto a different store to make an alternative purchase in case a retail business faces a stock out. Most stock-outs occur due to bad planning and implementing bad replenishment methodologies. Hence, it is important to find solutions that can prevent overstocking and understocking inventory.

BluPi’s solutions especially work for retailers as they identify the gaps which can use AI/ ML to optimize their inventory-keeping while keeping in mind the supply chain nuances. The solutions add to customer satisfaction as well as contribute to the bottom line and top line.

The BluePi Magic

Goibibo is one of the most popular websites in India and its app is one of the highest-ranked apps on Google Play Store. The hotel and travel-booking website has been year-on-year at a record rate and dealing with massive bookings. The company delivered the fastest and the most trusted UX for its customers by providing them with the fastest booking, payments, settlements, and search processes. But these are built on top of an enormous amount of data.

Goibibo hosts all its applications and workloads on a traditional data center. The company was purchasing and renting its systems architecture. It was buying new servers and upgrading configuration to deal with high traffic periods which was time-consuming and expensive. Hence, they were looking for a scalable solution to tackle the traffic swell.

BluePi came in and recommended ways to migrate Goibibo’s entire infrastructure to AWS. BluePi’s team worked fast to familiarize itself with Goibibo’s full tech stack. After migrating, Goibibo was able to deal with high volumes upfront by leveraging the benefits of Auto Scale and On-Demand temporary infrastructure. It also made use of AWS managed services like ELB for Load Balancing, EMR for Hadoop, RDS for Database, and much more. This enabled the company to raise operational efficiency. The migration to AWS automatically took care of the redundancy problem and gave their infrastructure the safety of an auto-failover mechanism.

Marching On

BluPi is continuing on its splendid journey of helping businesses leverage the power of data to transform. The company has an impressive portfolio of clients that have depended on it for cloud migration, to implement best DevOps practices, and data expertise. The Gurgaon-based company has shown great resilience in sustaining excellence, matching the best industry practices and pushing beyond them.

Meet the Leader

Pronam Chatterjee, Founder and CEO: In his career of 20+ years, Pronam has held multiple leadership roles. Before founding BluePi in 2012, he was the CTO of Products at Xerox. He is a tech enthusiast. He has a BS in Chemistry from the Delhi University and a MBA from University of Calcutta.

“We help our clients make quick decisions that are backed by data and not just by good business sense or intuition.”

“We forsee a world where everyone in our organisations has access to data and every decision made can be traced back to a solid reasoning based on facts.”