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BOA Partners is Maximizing Incremental Growth For Ambitious Companies


“Everything we do is accountable and measurable.”

Based out of London, BOA Partners has made waves and proven themselves to be a key player when it comes to supporting the finance and iGaming industries. They have won several awards for what they’ve done so far in their near half-decade of business. BOA provides essential performance and affiliate marketing services for big clients and business partners. We wanted to know more about how they exactly operate, so we decided to ask the Managing Director of BOA Partners, Sezin Ozel, some questions.

BOA Partners promote and generate online traffic for its business partners. These are huge companies like Bet365, Pokerstars, Betsson, and other online betting and gambling giants. BOA Partners markets for industry titans like these, and manages to not only offer great services in other areas, but hits the advertiser KPIs hard each year and quarter.

Sezin gives us the scoop on this. “We have over a decade of experience in affiliate program management. Our team is made up of experienced, qualified account managers. This allows us to solely focus on ROI in our business. Not only does this make crafting a measurable strategy possible, it assists customers in reaching the right product. Working in the iGaming and finance industries makes us focus on things like offer comparison site, white label products, and online guides. This allows us to connect customers with products that best service their needs. Everything we do is accountable and measurable.”

BOA Partners has a strong focus and commitment to accuracy, accountability, and being measurable. As an advertising firm, it makes sense. They live by their ability to get traffic, attention, and sales for their clients. This has extended even into the COVID-19 Pandemic, where they moved towards working from home.


“With the impact of COVID – we started working from home and adapted everything around it. By embracing challenges, we have grown the company drastically since last March. Equipping our staff with the best technology means they can work anywhere through remote cloud computing. It’s been the one major benefit from the pandemic,” Sezin says.

Sezin goes on, “Online advertising being such a fast-paced industry, it’s also important we evolve and achieve innovation by staying on top of all technology changes and improvements. We know how to improve the return on your marketing spend and increase the number of customers.”

Finally, when asked about the future of BOA Partners, Sezin had exciting information to give. “We’re working on our new affiliate network in iGaming, and we have a new tracking platform available that will be able to track, analyze, and optimize all your marketing channels,” Sezin said.

Further, she elaborated, “On, we recently acquired our affiliate license in New Jersey and we’re planning to move towards the USA market. We’re looking at licenses in areas like Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.”

BOA Partners is even developing a new payroll platform which will be an awesome feature of the recruitment sector.

Overall, BOA Partners is very busy and enjoying all of the buzz that they are receiving about it. It’s not surprising that they have won multiple awards despite being in business for only a few years. BOA Partners is one of the USA Top 50 Most Trustworthy Companies in 2021, certainly.

The Leader Upfront

Sezin Ozel, Managing Director

Prior to BOA Partners, Sezin was the Managing Director of Master Pixel Media. She has also worked as a Chief Commercial Officer for Invoke Associates Ltd. Before that she was the Marketing Director of She has also worked with Financial Times, Annexio Limited, Infinity Gaming Solutions and worked as a Commercial Lawyer in multiple Legal Firms earlier in her career.

She earned her MBA in Risk Management from University of Wales, and another MBA in Marketing Management from London School of Business and Finance. She also has a Master’s degree in International Marketing, Pre-LLM From University of Hertfordshire and LLB from Istanbul Bilgi University.

“We know how to improve the return on your marketing spend and increase the number of customers.”

“We have over a decade of experience in affiliate program management.”