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Brian J. Esposito, an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur and Business Leader, Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘Integrity is at the Core of Who We are and What We Do at Esposito Intellectual Enterprises’


“We strive to do good business with good people.”

Regardless of what you may have, or may not have, the founder at Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE) believes everything is about integrity and relationships. It is that foundation that allows greatness to occur.

EIE was originally founded in 2001 and is now headquartered in Miami, Florida. It has presence and operations in over 20 cities around the world, including New Jersey, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Dubai,

Abu Dhabi, Doha, London, Singapore, Cape Town, Melbourne, Berlin, Hong Kong, Perth, Mexico City, Milan, and Las Vegas.

Interview Excerpt: Brian J. Esposito, Founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises

Q. What started 20 years ago packing beauty supplies has grown into a holding company with operations in media, liquor, music, apparel, sea exploration, aviation, space, cryptocurrency, hemp, oil and gas, mining, TV and film, technology, and more. How did this happen?

I spent too many years of my life living in a world where I was making other companies and principals very wealthy, and I had no control over the upside of the wonderful opportunities I put together. Because I am not money oriented, it was rewarding for me to do my part; however, it did weigh very heavily on me that people would completely forget about me and leave me in the dust. It is not healthy when you walk away from what should have been a great win for everyone, and you’ve unfortunately been left feeling used, abused, and unappreciated. There’s a philosophy I have coined, and experienced many times, called “Business Amnesia”. This is when someone spends a lot of time put together a deal or partnership and the parties forget whom the most important person was that allowed that to happen, the connector. Like COVID-19, “Business Amnesia” is a pandemic that happens all over the globe and to some extremely talented and wonderful professionals. To put a stop to this from happening to me anymore, I began to create my own companies instead of relying on others to do the right thing. One became two, two became four, four became twelve, twelve became thirty, and so on. Today, there are over 65 entities inside my holding company, with over 150 joint ventures from around the world. It continues to grow and evolve in an industry agnostic atmosphere or one degree from any industry or market that I may want to enter into or do business in. As a connector, I have learned to not only connect the right people, but the right people at the right time and ensure I am properly part of the equation and guiding the outcome that I originally planned on and visualized. It took nearly 20 years to perfect this model, but Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE) is an ecosystem where it creates value. Value for the entities inside the holdings, and real tangible value for the entities we invite in.

Q. ‘Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity’. How do you interpret this further?

I have always valued time and always tried to ensure it was being used wisely in my life. I am the youngest of four siblings and born 10-13 years after my older ones, which means that I experienced a lot of death and loss at an early age. These experiences as a child made me quickly realize how precious life is, and that it could end at any moment. Then in February 2016, I was in a head on collusion caused by a drunk driver in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I should not have survived or walked away from that accident. That moment really put an entirely new mindset that was burnt into my psyche. My world turned upside down, and immediately realized I had the wrong people in my life, in my corner (or not in my corner), and running certain operations that had no justifiable reason for holding those positions. When I was taken out of the equation and could not run what I was building, everything fell apart. I had to rebuild, but worse than that was that I had to rebuild with less than nothing. This time it was going to be on my terms, and with a tremendous amount of experiences and life lessons under my belt. It was not easy, but I was more than okay with because my prior model was wrong and would have continued to be wrong for a very long time. What I was left with and built this next chapter of my life was that I would surround myself with good people, keep a very small strong inner circle, cherish as many great moments and memories as I can, and ensure that I make and leave a very positive mark on this world. When I am near negative, awful, or draining people it is like food poisoning to me. I reject it, and want no part of it, no matter what the potential financial reward or outcome could be.

Q. What’s the importance of partnerships in your business? Would you like to share an overview of a successful partnership that you think has benefitted your partners?

I grew up training to be a baseball player and have a foundation that you need a team to succeed. The team has to be built with the right people, and those people focusing on their strengths. The same applies to businesses and partnerships. I am known for creating value, building businesses that generate positive earnings, have sustainable valuations that are based on those earnings, and always building win-win situations for all parties involved. I can only work with business or joint-venture partners that are good, decent, ethical professionals that want to do good business. There must be a clear understanding of what we are setting out to do, there must be accountability, and I am to be valued for my work, time, efforts, relationships, and what I am able to do for their company or project. I am honored to take over 20 years of work and experiences and be able to work with startups even up to fortune 500 companies where we create real value and growth.

Q. Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has recently patterned with a major global media conglomerate. Would you like to talk about this partnership?

I am excited that this announcement will be released shortly and has been over five years of work and planning. A lot of successful companies and leaders understand that timing is such a crucial component to unlocking value and creating substantial growth. The timing for this announcement and partnership is lining up perfectly. If we were to open this up sooner, the market and technology would not have been ready for it. One of the worst and hardest things for creators to deal with is being too soon. At many times during my career, I have publicly announced what were incredible technologies, solutions, products, and services were just way too early. Those same concepts are now multi-billion dollar brands that were launched by other companies that knew when to release, but also had the right support behind it. Early on in my life, I figured out how to design and develop products and services that I knew the market needed, however, I did not have the access or relationships that I do now to make those the successes they could have been. In this chapter of my life, it is extremely exciting, fun, and very rewarding to actually go to market with something and have a successful plan and laser-focused execution behind it.

Q. How do you plan to transform your company into a future that is unfolding before you?

Like we have always done; create exceptional technologies, solutions, products, and services. Tell a strong story to the market that our work is needed; and is valued properly. I have been through more than most, I know there is always a solution, and with the right support and team anything is possible. The future is amazing, and no matter how dark it may get, always look for that little spark or light inside that gives you joy and purpose. Follow that path and you’ll shine like you have never before.


Brian J. Esposito 

CEO and Founder

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC


Twitter: @brianjesposito


The Inspirational Leader at the Helm of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises

Brian J. Esposito, Founder, serves as the CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises. He has been ranked among the ‘World’s Top 10 CEOs for 2020’ in the World CEO Rankings Awards by Adria Management, LLC. Brian is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and business leader. He is renowned for being a core part of an innovative team to build Nodle—the world’s largest wireless network and ecosystem of connected devices, and for one of his early businesses, which ranked among the ‘Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000’ for six consecutive years. Over the last two years, Brian has been asked to participate in over 40 podcast, expert panels, webinars, live interviews, business journals, and TV interviews to share his successful journey, discuss what he has built, and how he helps companies create value, grow, and succeed. In December 2019, Brian was featured in the Corporate Investment Times, the next-gen investment magazine in the Middle East. And in 2020, he was recognized as a member of the ‘Top 100 Magazine for the top 100 People in Real Estate’. With a technique that he spent years perfecting, Brian connects not only the right people but the right people at the right time.

"I am honored to take over 20 years of work and experiences and be able to work with startups even up to fortune 500 companies where we create real value and growth.”