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CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited: Empowering individuals through technical training

thesiliconreview-s-karaiadiselvan-md-cadd-centre-training-services-private-limited-2017The current market demands talented graduates well-equipped with the knowledge of the latest technologies to ensure faster design and manufacture of products in the lowest possible cost without compromising on the quality. Therefore design, engineering and production department must work together in an integrated fashion, and with the advent of CAD/ CAM/ CAE, it has become easier to manufacture products and its components in the integrated approach. As a major part of the education in India is focused on theoretical concepts, most of the students are not employable once they finish their studies. This is bringing about the need for a professional training centre that can impart the key skills and expertise required to bridge the gap and improve the employability of the students. And CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited has taken the initiative to provide courses to designers, drafters, administrators and programmers that give them the skills to get the most of their sophisticated technology tools.

CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited (CCTS) is a diversified global network of creative, engineering and management skill development institutes. It is based in India and currently has 540 CAD training centres in major cities and towns in about 24 countries including Bangladesh, Bahrain, Bhutan, Botswana, Cameroon, India, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Jordon, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Tanzania, Saudi, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, UAE, Uganda, USA, Oman, and Zambia. It has excelled in training over 1 million engineers, graphic artists and management professionals, who are employed globally.

Exceeding the expectations of professional training

Founded on 1988, CADD Centre offered its first course for mastering AutoCAD software. In 1995, the franchising movement began and the company inaugurated its first franchise partner in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. In 1999, CADD Centre moved beyond the borders of India, and soon it revolutionized the concept of software training by becoming a multi-product training company. Crossing various milestones, today it comprehends as Asia’s leading network of CAD training centres.

CADD Centre is the only company in India to provide end-to-end engineering design solutions for CAD users. It specializes in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Additionally, with the objective to improve the employability of the future generation, it is an approved training partner of National Skill Development Centre (NSDC).  CADD Centre has also signed an MOU with MSME as a training partner pan India.

Offering unique market-focused courses

At CADD Centre, quality is an assured commodity. With an objective to create working professionals, CADD Centre imparts unmatched world-class training on skill development programs, which also addresses the corporate needs of professionals. It brings great emphasis on the development of employable skills wherein they aim to meet the industry demands and improve the productivity of employees. Its training services are dominant as it provides training on the latest CAD software tools. The institution aims to build skilled workforce for industries by providing skill training on software and tools desired by the industry. In addition to that, it is soon inducing with the technology training on 3D printing, which will revolutionize the future of product manufacturing.

“Since, the society depends a lot on the engineering sector, which provides technological solutions for the industry needs, we target on building the same sector. In consideration of the mastering tools & technologies, the target is to serve the industry with multi-skilled individual filled with communication skills, management skills, and knowledge in domain area”, the company said. Its highly skilled training group delivers standards as well as customized training and mentoring.

CADD Centre provides skill development training for Government institutions, employability skill development programmes for educational institutions, corporate productivity enhancement training as well as individual training for better career growth.

The preferred education partner for software companies

Apart from providing the most significant number of courses under one roof, CADD Centre represents itself as unique franchise models that bring the exact proportion of output from the efforts laid in the business. It owns network strength of 700 franchise outlets and has provided training to over 1 Million individuals, employed globally. This fast growing privately-held company is setting standards and trends in training and skill development with many divisions like CADD training, Dreamzone, Synergy School of Business Skills, Skillease, Livewire, CCube, OneChannel, CADD @School, Dream Flower, Institute of Industrial Design (IID). The employment opportunities are provided through its placement division PWW (Placement Worldwide) and Skillease – Staffing Services & Recruitment Division.

Some of the big clients of CADD Centre are Saint Gobain, Reserve Bank of India, Chennai Port Trust, L&T Shipbuilding, Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation, GRT Hotels & Resorts, Steel Authority of India Ltd. The following are some of its distinct attributes:

  • Offers end-to-end engineering design solutions for CAD users.
  • The largest corporate CAD/CAM/CAE training provider in India.
  • Instructors certified by Internal Training Academy.
  • Unique franchise model based on a home-grown business model.
  • The franchises established on the basis of annual fees not royalty.

The roadmap ahead

Since, CADD Centre expanded beyond the borders of India in 1999, the efforts and planning of the institution has built an excellent reach for the company. It covers Asia Pacific and Africa by being a pioneer of CAD training provider. It not only equips the industry with the CAD skills but also provides globally valid certification.

Currently, CADD Centre Training Services as an organization intends to expand to 1000 locations by the year 2020. In the co-existence to engineering sector, it aims to provide vocational training focusing skill development in every sector.

“CADD Centre maintains the highest standard of facilities which when supported by our team of experienced and professionally qualified tutors creates an excellent environment for professional training. With us, you have a friend, a guide, a teacher and a resource to walk with you every step of the way in your technology career.”