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A Key Microsoft Partner Providing Enterprise Class ITSM and BSM Services and Enhancements to Microsoft System Center, Meeting the Needs of its Joint Customers: Cased Dimensions


As a recognised managed service provider, Cased Dimensions are Azure Gold certified.

Cased Dimensions pioneers in Microsoft Dynamics and Azure since day one! With a Microsoft technology focus, it helps clients in their digital transformation journey.

Cased Dimensions: Synopsis

Services Overview

Application Modernisation: In modernising legacy applications clients can achieve corporate compliance, cost efficiency, flexibility and futureproofing with the following services: Azure Legacy Modernisation, Fluids365 & Fuzionnow, and Self-Service Portals.

Application and legacy modernisation are key in any organisation’s digital transformation journey.

Managed Services: Cased Dimensions is experts in System Center (Alliance Partner) and VMware! It helps you bridge the old world to the new, with the following services: MSP Services, Azure Support Services, Asset Management Services, IT Support London, and EMS with Microsoft 365.

As a recognised managed service provider, Cased Dimensions are Azure Gold certified.

MSP Services—Cased Dimensions Managed Services unlock the true value of your technology. What makes Cased Dimensions different is its ability to move clients to SaaS operating models during a managed service contract. Clients see costs reduce and service improve during the managed service contract. This is delivered via Fluids365 which enables its clients to digitally transform old applications into a cloud SaaS operating model ten times faster when compared to its competitors. The company also invests heavily in people, process, technology, and security.

The Cased Dimensions support team is structured in a Three Tier model where the support teamwork in an ITIL Compliant manner. Its cloud development team embraces agile to enable Azure Application Modernisation.

As a recognised managed service provider, Cased Dimensions are Azure Gold certified. Cased is also experts in System Center (Alliance Partner) and VMware. Its Microsoft Gold certified development team created Fluids365 to accelerate legacy applications to SaaS operating models.

Operating costs reduce dramatically when you stop running your own servers and move to SaaS models. This is where Cased Dimensions accelerate your journey. Its managed service model is to reduce costs against managed services over a 1 – 3 year period.

Fluids365 & Fuzionnow: Fluids365 is Cased’s flagship product which enables Application Modernisation including API Integration to other existing applications, often known as Low code and No code development platform.

As organisations move to the Cloud or upgrade old infrastructure, they also need to upgrade operating systems and application versions to newer releases. However, many older applications have been in-house written or software vendors do not have an upgrade path.

Fluids365 is the answer. It rapidly enables you to replace your old application or enable business self-service with an Application Modernisation Platform.

Cased’s software will help with staff efficiency and increase productivity, as it enables self-service and a community eco-system allowing users to share workflows and collaborate effectively.

Consulting Services: Cased DevOps consulting services designed to help organisations unlock their potential and maximise the performance of IT.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to release new products, features and services in shorter and shorter release cycles without compromising quality or security. Therefore, faced with increased competition from new market entrants and rapid technological advancements, many organisations are implementing Agile, DevOps, and Cloud to address this challenge.

Cased Dimensions consultants are experts at delivering IT modernisation and helping organisations adopt Agile, and DevOps at scale. They are focused on helping organisations:

  • Modernise Technology
  • Modernise IT ways of working
  • Modernise the Skills of the IT workforce

As the technology and business landscapes evolve the traditional technologies, processes and skills that historically served organisations well need modernising. Cased consultants are experts at helping organisations unlock their potential by looking holistically at the people, process and technology within an organisation.


Microsoft Dynamics 365: Cased Dimensions is accelerating Dynamics 365 business value with the following solutions: Dynamic ERP Service, Sales & Marketing Automation, Employee Self-Service, DevOps Service Desk, Government Forms, Talent & HR Management, Finance Management, and Dynamics Workflow.

Dynamics 365 is the world’s connected business cloud designed to help you better understand your business and act strategically to be successful.

Leadership | Cased Dimensions

Aaron McCormack, Executive Chairman: Aaron McCormack has a 20 year track record in the IT and Telecoms sector, most recently as COO Vodafone North America. Previously, Aaron was CEO of BT Conferencing – a global leader in collaboration services and the largest videoconferencing provider in the world. He was elected a Young Global Leader of the World of Economic Forum in 2008. As well as working with Cased Dimensions, he works with Navera Group to provide a range of financial and management consultancy services to lenders and owners of businesses in transformation.

Dermot Bleeks, Managing Director: Dermot has over 12 years working in the IT Industry in Northern Ireland with extensive experience in Public and Private Sectors in the delivery of ITiL Managed Services. Dermot has developed the offerings to customers from the Cased Dimensions Service Center and is responsible for the IT Service Delivery as per the contractual commitment to customers. Dermot is responsible for the drive for continuous service improvement and has led numerous process and service designs for Small, Medium and Large companies ranging between 25 and 40,000 users.

Dynamics 365 is the world’s connected business cloud designed to help you better understand your business and act strategically to be successful.