August Special Edition 2021

Caserta: Extract Value from Your Data


Caserta is helmed by industry thought leader and best-selling author, Joe Caserta, who founded the company in 2001. Today, Business and IT leaders trust Caserta to transform their organizations by and through their data. Its strategic assessments with actionable roadmaps, innovative designs and architectures, and advanced implementations leverage the latest technologies and proven frameworks and methodologies. The company creates value for its clients by delivering world-class big data analytics, data warehouse, and business intelligence solutions to organizations across multiple industry sectors.

Dedication to solving its clients’ toughest data challenges with the fastest time-to-value is a hallmark of the firm. Caserta’s consultants are force multipliers that strengthen a team with deep domain expertise in data architecture, data engineering, and data science.

Caserta works with clients from a few key industries, but also have clients that are outliers. They specialize in all things data and analytics including big data, modern data architecture, cloud migration, enterprise data management, business intelligence, data visualization, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

“Caserta’s considerable experience manifests itself in quick and effective approaches. Their analyses are focused and yield helpful recommendations in a very short amount of time. Second, the team’s technical and engineering skills are wide-ranging,” said Steve Stryker, CTO of Värde Partners.

As industry thought leaders comprised of data engineers, data architects, data scientists and other relentlessly talented data professionals, Caserta understands how challenging it is to develop a clear data strategy or project scope, source the hard-to-find talent, and execute a vision. Caserta’s lean teams are force multipliers that work with the clients to:

  • Clarify a client’s vision and mission and translate into a strategic roadmap
  • Architect and design innovative solutions based on production-hardened frameworks and methodologies
  • Implement and execute the strategic roadmap and ensure change management

Caserta works with its clients to determine what their needs are, where their challenges lie, and how they can help. At the end of it all, Caserta provides its clients with a step-by-step roadmap that gives the clients all the information they need to accomplish the data and analytics goals.

Step One: Discovery | Identify

Each client engagement begins with a discovery call. During this call, Caserta gets up to speed on the difficulties the client’s been having, where they want to go, and how Caserta can help them extract value from the data. The discovery call helps Caserta identify the resources it will use to solve client’s problems and sets the stage for the next steps in the Caserta Process.

Step Two: Assessment | Strategize

Caserta comes in and performs a strategic assessment in which it takes a comprehensive look at what it is the clients are trying to accomplish, what systems the clients have in play today, and what business requirements they are dealing with.

Through detailed interviews with stakeholders, both on the business and technical sides, and deep dives into a client’s data ecosystem/assets and current technical structure, Caserta gets an in-depth understanding of goals and vision, which helps Caserta tailor their solutions to a client’s needs.

Step Three: Deliverables | Transform

The Caserta team then takes everything they have learned about a client’s business, their requirements, and their challenges and presents them with a Roadmap to Transform.

In it, the clients receive Caserta’s findings on a recommended approach, including the technical reference architecture and technical requirements applicable to their case, as well as the tools, suggested platforms, and estimated time and cost to carry out a solution. A client’s Roadmap to Transform includes a detailed step-by-step guide to get the data and analytics programs where clients want them to be as fast as possible.

Many organizations struggle to extract value from data. Despite the mandates from the business to be more data-driven, many of these initiatives stall indefinitely or ultimately fail because of unclear or incomplete data strategy, a lack of the right in-house data talent, and ineffective change management. Caserta is working to address this with great with its great work.

The Leader

Joe Caserta, Founder and CEO

Joe Caserta is an entrepreneur, technologist and founding President of Caserta Concepts (now Caserta).  He is one of the most respected data technologists and thought-leaders in the industry today. His work was first publicized in 2003, when his innovative approach to Clickstream analytics was featured in Intelligent Enterprise magazine, which became the standard for analyzing web data.

In 2004, Joe co-authored The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, an industry bestseller that has become the de facto standard for preparing data for analytics. He is currently an established authority on enterprise data analytics and his relentless creative thinking allows him to continually innovate and invent new ways to stream and analyze data.

In 2009, Joe had the vision to align Caserta to big data methods and technologies, and it has since remained at the forefront of the “big data revolution,” devising some of the most unique and advanced analytics environments in use today. He is an internationally recognized public speaker on data analytics and entrepreneurial leadership. When not working, Joe can be found riding his motorcycle, playing bass, or scuba diving a coral reef.

“Caserta’s consultants are force multipliers that strengthen a team with deep domain expertise in data architecture, data engineering, and data science.”