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Cathleen Beerkens, A Wellness Revolution Founder, Speaks about How She Plans to Train Many New Holistic Coaches and Create a Ripple Effect in Spreading Vital Wellness Information: Take a Look


“This course is really amazing and Cathleen is the most passionate and involved teacher I have ever had.” A Former Student

Health Coaches support lifestyle changes and stress management!

Transformation and change are all around us and as our technological environment rapidly evolves, so must we. Healthcare and the wellness industries are also in this shift and are changing. As a global community we must nurture this process of change in this fast-moving time we are living in.

A Wellness Revolution was created to bring new information and understanding to help this transition as we develop leaders that can help people coach in a more holistic ways like stress management as such lifestyle choices matter.

As a Nurse, Teacher and Health Coach Cathleen Beerkens has helped many people influence their future self’s, helping them manifest health, joy, and fulfillment. In this exciting time, we can seize on this opportunity to become and evolve to be the best versions of ourselves as we make choices that really serve us and help us create our unique lives more consciously.

Cathleen Beerkens graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Health Education in 1983 and continued my education by receiving a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1984. She began her nursing career at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington, DC where she worked for 12 years in various positions in the Emergency Room, Surgical and High-Risk Labor and Delivery units. Cathleen also enjoyed many years teaching as a TA (Teacher’s Assistant) at the Georgetown University Nursing School, conducting childbirth education and working with midwives.

In 1996, Cathleen moved with her family to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she and her husband raised their three children. She was the Vice President of the American Women’s Club in Amsterdam for two years, where she organized the monthly events with many inspiring speakers. As the years went by, she found herself turning to many different forms of alternative medicine in the Netherlands, as she realized that her western medical background was not offering complete solutions to promote holistic healing. Cathleen was constantly amazed by the positive changes these ancient and new discoveries of healing could bring and found true value in nutrition, dietary adjustments, emotional, and energetic healing.

In the meantime, she received certification in Polarity Healing, Reflexology, and Reconnective Healing. She graduated in March 2017 from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition from NYC as a Health Coach. Cathleen has been studying many of the sciences that are evolving and being revealed as important pieces of the holistic perspective of health and is determined to bring this vital education to the world. Over the years, she has had a healing and coaching practice that has guided her to develop this educational business ( in training and certifying Health and Wellness Coaches in the Netherlands.

Students can vary in their backgrounds, anywhere from a therapist, practitioner, nurse, business or lifestyle coach to anyone, including parents and people who are interested in living a more conscious health-driven life. A Wellness Revolution(AWR) believes each person can influence their path by how consciously they live their lives. AWR exposes students to new scientific understandings of the body, mind, and spirit that bring a much deeper, more robust definition of self-care.

“Building an innovative user-friendly platform for students to receive personal care and learn from online. We overcame it with perseverance and research and by finding the right people who could help and support us.”

Cathleen truly loves to help people improve and regain their health and is humbled by the miracles that she witnesses every day.

“We hope to train many new holistic coaches and create a ripple effect in spreading this vital information.”

Cathleen is in pursuit of creating a new, wholly better paradigm in the healthcare and wellness industries.

“Our future focus areas will remain on improving our program as well as reaching a more global audience via our YouTube channel.”

“Together we are committed to promoting education about holistic wellness, focusing on the connections between body, mind, and spirit through our accredited and comprehensive course, community classes, and continuing education program.”

A Wellness Revolution was created to consciously address some of the problems in healthcare today. It is committed to bringing knowledge and a new understanding of the Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience, Glycoscience and a Holistic Vision of Health and Wellness. It provides education for Health and Wellness Coaches to develop a more holistic approach to wellness.

The company was founded with a desire to globally impact the healthcare industry. It was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Cathleen Beerkens: ‘What our Students are Saying’

“Through the work that I have done as a nurse, I have become deeply interested in health. The Wellness Coaching Course gave me a much broader insight into how the body functions in an optimal way. Understanding how important food is in this process was very enlightening. The course has made me enthusiastic and I have received a boost to awaken to a healthy lifestyle.”

— Hanneke Setz-Veldman

“Taking the Wellness Coaching Course has been an incredible healing journey. It has created a new awareness of understanding how I can heal all levels of mind body and spirit. I would really recommend this course.” — Susan Casey

“After 28 years of extremely hard work as an employment lawyer, a burn-out started awakening my consciousness. Now, six years later I made a tremendous step forward by completing the health and wellness coach training by Cathleen. Although I learned a lot already by reading books, viewing films on YouTube and following spiritual healers on social media, Cathleen added a lot of new knowledge and insights to my ‘collection’. I really joined the course and its flexibility (you can follow it online whenever you have time) and also meeting students on the other side of the world. This course is really amazing and Cathleen is the most passionate and involved teacher I have ever had.” — Karin Bodewes

“I absolutely loved following this course. I learned so many new things and above all, I learned to take care of myself. This course helped me decide what I want to do for a living; helping people to be the best version of themselves. This course is a real recommendation to people who want to know more about living a balanced life in mind, body, and soul. Even when you don’t want to be a coach, this course would be a good lesson to learn from, for every human being.”

Britt Janssen