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August Special Edition 2022

We are committed to delivering the most effective Artificial Intelligence platform to caregivers, researchers, and drug development scientists: Celbridge Science


“AI will deliver $200B annually in savings to healthcare providers in the near future and Celbridge Science is a pioneer in developing these innovative cost saving solutions for our customers.”

Celbridge Science is an Artificial Intelligence healthcare company founded in 2019, and Patrick R. Hogan is their Chief Executive Officer. The company was founded on the principle that artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that will increase the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of global health systems. Celbridge Science has constructed an artificial intelligence & machine learning platform that can analyze large amounts of healthcare data in real-time. The company's team has been successfully implementing their AI & ML clinical platform for healthcare providers, allowing them to quickly leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning by leveraging Celbridge Science's predictive diagnostic tools supported by genomic insights.

Patrick R. Hogan, CEO of Celbridge Science spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how his company is directing AI to derive business value.

Interview Highlights

Q. Can you give us an overview of Celbridge Science?

Celbridge Science is an artificial intelligence healthcare solutions provider. Our (AI) algorithms can ingest and analyze massive volumes of data to inform and deliver more effective healthcare outcomes. We have a team of dedicated data scientists who are committed to delivering the most effective platform to caregivers, researchers, and drug design scientists.


Celbridge Science offers models which are "self-learning" and capable of responding to future issues; our service allows customers to achieve exponential results by getting ahead of the analytic curve. Our algorithms quickly deliver the information that would typically take clinicians and researchers months to accrue.

We focus our predictive and prognostic capability directly on the life science and  healthcare marketplace. Celbridge Science's mission is to deliver better health outcomes across the globe.

The company's goal is to facilitate the use of AI & ML to create equitable healthcare in the United States and around the world. Celbridge Science's vision is that AI can resolve many of healthcare's inequities by providing a superior bias-free approach to care that will be less prone to injustice and discrimination. It is a terrible but true observation that structural barriers and care inefficiencies often prevent healthcare systems from getting the correct solutions to the right places at the appropriate time. Celbridge Science addresses these challenges by developing algorithms from data sets that reflect diverse patient populations. The data scientists and developers of the organization work tirelessly to collect and analyze clinical data that can be used to enhance medical care around the globe. The staff of Celbridge Science is committed to resolving disparities in healthcare and creating long-lasting AI-centric solutions for underserved communities.

Q. In your interactions with Chief Medical Officers & Chief Information Officers of leading Healthcare companies, what sense do you get of the challenges they face now in the Artificial Intelligence space, and how is Celbridge Science effectively addressing these issues?

The rapid advance in Artificial Intelligence puts a tremendous amount of pressure on technology teams as clinicians and scientists demand broader capabilities & advanced algorithms with AI & ML. We are finding that CIOs seek AI & ML partners such as Celbridge Science, who can develop an innovative caregiver pilot in days and deliver impactful results in weeks rather than months and years.

The ROI-centric engagement model delivers success and organizational engagement early in the solution rollout. Our data scientists collaborate with clinicians to solve real-world problems. The AI & ML programs we execute deliver prestige and significant financial value to our healthcare provider customers.

AI-based development of fibrosis characterization in Crohn’s Disease is showing remarkable progress in treatment of this pernicious disease. AI-based prediction of known genomic biomarkers including HRD, HER2, TMB, MSI and others from H&E digital pathology samples in breastcancer can facilitate enhanced care delivery.

The importance of early wins with high ROIs provides our healthcare CMO and CIO partners the successes needed to engage their organizations in a holistic enterprise improving analytic transformation. Celbridge Science, as an Artificial Intelligence pioneer, seeks to not only deliver outstanding solutions but also to partner, instruct and educate our customers to leverage their analytic assets to improve their caregiving paradigm. A natural benefit of providing this higher quality care at lower costs from artificial intelligence solutions is a superior financial performance for the healthcare entity. The AI business proposition Celbridge Science delivers to its customers is enhanced clinical capability, in concert with productivity and job satisfaction improvements. Our commercial goal is to allow caregivers to use AI to focus on the top of license tasks, that deliver the most benefit to their patients. The AI & ML initiatives of Celbridge Science drive optimized financial performance because each analytic effort is focused upon a patient-centric process improvement outcome.


Q. "Celbridge Science helps organizations harness their data analytic capabilities. Enterprises need a clear strategy for how to use data and analytics to compete, and they must master the deployment of the right technology architecture and capabilities." Please shed some light on the Artificial Intelligence solutions you have delivered?

Celbridge Science's diagnostic AI Platform was designed to benefit veterans. Our work with this important community is focused on delivering proactive and holistic health services to veterans to ease and facilitate their re-engagement with their families, communities, and professions. Celbridge Science is dedicated to resolving issues of mental health for veterans:

U.S. Census estimates roughly 18 million veterans and 2.1 million active-duty and reserve service members lack access to mental health services which is contributing to high suicide rates.

Veteran suicide rates are at the highest level in history, with annual deaths by suicide at over 6,000 veterans per year. Overall suicide rates within the United States have increased by 30% in the last decade. A study involving 27 states estimated that 17.8% of these recorded suicides were by veterans.

Celbridge Science has deployed AI algorithms to identify conditions and health concerns that give clinicians a roadmap from which to provide the highest level of customer care possible.

Celbridge Science designed an artificial intelligence disease prognostic tool that facilitates preventive care for veterans before conditions become chronic. The AI tools are completely linked to our customers' integrated care model. This commitment to leverage AI & ML is the critical commitment that healthcare providers need to make to truly leverage the advanced capabilities of AI & ML.

Q. Could you please cite one case study on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions?


Our work with veterans has facilitated our caregivers' goals of making their interactions with patients more impactful and proactive. Our challenge was to make each clinical experience more beneficial for the individual patient while also driving a higher proactive engagement with the veteran population in general through the utilization of AI.

To achieve this impact, Celbridge Science created a million-record veteran patient database that outlined comorbidities for this population. We trained our tool through machine learning to diagnose depression & PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is very common among the veteran population (3 million veterans per year are impacted). We then created an integration with their electronic health records systems and a clinical delivery mechanism that allowed significant mental health risks to be instantaneously shared with the clinician at the moment of patient care.

Q. There are several companies out there that are vying for the top position. What are the strategies employed by Celbridge Science to thwart the market competition, and what, according to you, are the distinct features of Celbridge Science/differentiating factors that give it a competitive edge?

Celbridge Science seeks clients who are aligned to our vision of providing AI & ML to dramatically improve health outcomes, whether in the research of new drugs or the delivery of clinical care

Our partnership model allows the analytic expertise of Celbridge Science to become an integral part of our customers' ability to deliver to their caregiving mission. We integrate our services into the technology infrastructure of our clients, allowing them to quickly leverage the power of AI & ML, while maintaining their expertise in their core business. As healthcare artificial intelligence market is forecasted to reach $51.3 Billion by 2027, Celbridge Science is focused on building long-term relationships with healthcare providers interested in the AI transformation of their business. A core strength of our offering is our ability to leverage our unique service intimacy and alignment with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Q. What does the future hold for your organization? Any footprint expansion plans or platform enhancement strategies that you can shed light upon?

Our organization focuses on expanding the use of genomic AI & ML to deliver predictive diagnoses for patients. Celbridge Science is partnering with some of the most prestigious health firms in the world to deliver more effective genomic tools. Our mission is to create a simple platform that can harness and store the data from the sequencing of the whole genome, whole exome, and transcriptome.


Celbridge Science utilizes our genomic AI predictive clinical diagnostic platform, to help create caregiver tools that will deliver the highest level of care and health equality to patients worldwide. We are a first mover into psychiatric genomics, which is a rapidly growing field that holds much promise for improving risk prediction, prevention, diagnosis, treatment selection, and understanding of the pathogenesis of patients' symptoms. Celbridge Science believes that the transformative value of AI is that it can deliver the same quality of care in every clinical experience, in every country, and to every person around the world. Our work in genomic research offers the hope of better understanding the root causes of mental illness. By finding specific genes which are involved in these devastating illnesses, Celbridge Science hopes to gain some understanding of the pathological processes leading to their development and ultimately develop better treatments.

In addition to our work on predictive diagnostic tools, Celbridge Science continues efforts on improving drug design. The inefficiencies of the drug design process can be impacted by artificial intelligence. Celbridge Science is confident that AI will improve the poor success rates seen in drug development, with only 6% of drugs reaching the market. Our organization has been harnessing the information from single studies and meta-study analyses. We have created an analysis in which deep learning compares genome sequences and phenotypic information from different databases and literature sources, to better predict drug targets. We are also using these sequences to develop biomarkers for diagnostics. Celbridge Science is committed to delivering artificial intelligence that improves healthcare for patients and caregivers. AI will deliver $200B annually in savings to healthcare providers in the near future and Celbridge Science is a pioneer in developing these innovative cost saving solutions for our customers.

Q. Is there anything more that you would like to add or highlight? Any other interesting insight you would like us to talk about in the story that we may have missed in this questionnaire?

We are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to share our story. Our organization is honored to supply artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of caregivers plus accelerate drug discovery. We are deeply committed to continuing to partner with proactive health systems that are devoted to enhancing the health of their patients. As global health organizations continue to seek to leverage the power of AI & ML, Celbridge Science will have exponential transformative opportunities to impact global health.

Patrick R. Hogan| CEO

Patrick has over 25 years of experience in the global healthcare marketplace and is a recognized thought leader in ML & AI. He has dramatically transformed global enterprises through innovative data analytics and integrated BI Tools.

Mr. Hogan is a technology and healthcare leader who has designed unique analytic and data management solutions that have enhanced revenue by over $1 Billion in the past decade. He also is a global IT innovator who has tripled the revenue and profits of multiple Fortune 500’s through advanced analytic solutions and technology enhancement initiatives.

“Celbridge Science deploys AI algorithms to identify conditions and health concerns that give clinicians a roadmap from which to provide the highest level of clinical care possible.”