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Cledara – Helping Companies Bring Visibility and Control to Their Ever-Growing Saas Stack


SaaS management is the business practice of proactively monitoring and managing the purchasing, onboarding, licensing, renewals, and off-boarding of all the software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications within a company’s technology portfolio. Developed in response to the unique attributes of SaaS applications in a business environment, SaaS management is quickly developing into a specialized practice for IT, Procurement, and business leaders. The goal of SaaS management is to reduce risk from unmanaged tools or technologies, improve the value of purchased software, and increase the effectiveness of users who deploy SaaS applications. Every SaaS application used for business stores business data the moment an employee uses a company email account to purchase or demo the application. Sensitive data such as customer information or business records also eventually makes its way into SaaS and other cloud-based software. A SaaS management approach that discovers and identifies all SaaS applications in use in the business bolsters security via visibility.

Cledara is one such platform that is built to help companies bring visibility and control of all their SaaS so they can focus on serving their customers. From discovery to purchasing, management and cancellation, it is the All-in-One SaaS management platform that companies love. Cledara aims to create a shared consciousness in a business where teams work harmoniously together, aided - rather than hindered - by their software and processes. They truly believe that the value they create extends beyond the workplace, to the individual that can spend their valuable time on what they choose. This is the true power of technology.

Industry-Leading SaaS Management Solutions Offered

SaaS Purchasing: Cledara links your approvals and purchasing to provide a lightweight procurement process. Cledara gives you a single place to see and manage all your software subscriptions. Make collaboration easy by sharing the software available across your business and stop paying for duplicate or unused SaaS. It is one place for everyone to easily see all your software subscriptions, request new ones, and onboard or off board. Arm your teams with the SaaS subscriptions they need to drive growth, but give your finance team oversight, control and more time to help you assess the bigger picture. Get new recruits up to speed faster and encourage collaboration by giving all your employees one place to see and access the software you already have.

Subscription Management: SaaS powers your company, but the logistics and admin to keep it in check slows you down. With Cledara, you’ll never share your purchase card across the company again, search for missing invoices or wonder how subscription growth may get out of hand. Scale with your company with all the admin off your plate. Cledara gives them more time to help you see the bigger picture by automating manual SaaS admin and providing a single source of truth for your software.

SaaS Compliance: The company natively embeds the key steps that is required by ISO27001 and SOC2 into your company’s processes, so that you can ensure compliance without slowing your business down. You can earn points on most things you pay for with Cledara and redeem those points for cash. There's no limit on what you can earn with Cledara Rewards. Make Cledara the way you buy and manage your software subscriptions and earn points across all the most common categories of startup spend. Redeem points on spend in these categories and more for cash. The reward has been created by analyzing actual startup spend and creating rewards for what startups actually use. Startups using it can earn unlimited reward points. An average company's software subscriptions earns the equivalent of $6,800 worth of points each year, or much more if they use Cledara to manage their cloud hosting and online advertising budgets too.

The Leader Upfront

Cristina Vila Vives is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cledara.

“Organization can get unparalleled auditability, security, and control across your SaaS assets with intuitive workflows, built-in compliance and unique virtual cards with Cledara.”