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Cognotion, Inc. – Providing cloud-based training programs used to empower allied health professionals


Patient safety is an ongoing concern in hospitals and clinics that can be addressed through better processes and technological solutions. The healthcare environment is constantly shifting to accommodate these new advances. The changes lead to higher speed and efficiency throughout the organization, but the patient's well-being still has to come first. Clinical cloud computing could straightforwardly improve patient safety: Faster technology means faster responses and treatments in critical situations. Cloud computing solutions can potentially limit the amount of time that doctors and nurses spend searching for open end-points and time spent accessing and re-accessing different applications. With a single sign-on, authentication is much more comfortable, even at different end-points and across multiple applications. This can lead to faster, more secure access to essential patient data. Moving the IT infrastructure into the cloud can create healthcare providers opportunities to spend more time delivering effective care and less time managing client systems.

Traditional paper-based work, which is administrative and consumes a lot of time of healthcare professional's schedule, could be reduced to the bare minimum. Hence, cloud solutions would encourage nurses to shift work hours from decreasing administrative tasks to direct patient care. This would be particularly relevant if the different healthcare industries adopt different clouds that are compatible with each other, so solving the interoperability challenges among the systems.

Cognotion, Inc. operates as a healthcare technology company. The Company offers nursing assistance to hospitals, homes, and clinics for medical care, diagnostics, and healthcare programs. Cognotion serves customers in the State of New York. The firm provides cloud-based training programs designed to empower allied health professionals with the skills they need for the global marketplace. The Company's cloud-based training programs teach students language and career skills through story-telling, online video narratives, gamification features, live simulation, comprehensive assessments, and social media tools, enabling them to recognize their desires and concerns and interact with the people with traits similar to their own.

The firm crafts Optimal Learning Experiences emotionally, and cognitively intense training and test preparation combine interactive video narratives with gamified learning modules, augmented by live simulation, and social media reinforcement. It's a formula that delivers immediate, lasting results.

The cloud-based training program offered by Cognotion, Inc.

Cognotion operates on the premise that there is a narrative inherent in any teachable subject. The firm locates this narrative and crafts it into an immersive storyline. The learner progresses through the Story by drawing upon existing resources and synthesizing new knowledge. Emotional proximity is characterized as the "empathy and identification the learner feels for the characters in a program" and is established by developing characters with strengths and weaknesses, who change and grow as the program moves forward. Learners recognize their desires and concerns in the prototypical heroes, people with traits similar to their own, and people who learn to draw upon their reserves of strengths (assets) for the greater good.

Certified Nursing Assistants

An innovative program that prepares CNA applicants to pass the exam and walk in on day one better prepared for a new career as a healthcare professional. The program exceeds all recommended federal and state requirements regarding seat times and other requirements for approval. It can be adapted to match the regulations and best practices in all 50 states. Information is presented in various formats, including sound, text, image, and graph, so that understanding is heightened. Using Story, a powerful way of getting people to "see" and understand, is supplemented through practice, games, and simulations.

Leaders| Cognotion, Inc.

Jonathan Dariyanani is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cognotion, Inc. He was formerly a startup attorney at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati in Palo Alto, representing both venture capital firms and startups. He has been an entrepreneur in the education space since 2003 when he sold his first Company to LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. and led their language learning division. Mr. Dariyanani worked with the World Economic Forum and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to develop game-changing tablet-based literacy programs for undereducated girls in rural India. Jonathan worked extensively in the Middle East and lived in the region with his family while developing pioneering work in online vocational training for unemployed Middle Eastern youth. He is also the inventor and co-author of several patents in the area of online learning.

Dennis Brooks serves as the Vice President of Sales at Cognotion, Inc. He has spent his whole career in healthcare. After graduating with a degree in Healthcare Administration, Dennis has worked in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, physician practices, nursing homes, and healthcare billing and consulting firms. He has been in charge of physician practice groups for large health systems, operated and sold practice management software for physicians, and been the Administrator at several senior care facilities, including nursing homes and an assisted living community.

"Our vision is to change the face of healthcare, improve outcomes for patients, and empower the dedicated workers that serve this challenging industry."