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Come on Folks, Lets Chat over Chaat: The Chaat Company, LLC

thesiliconreview-anshu-dua-and-shiraz-noor-co-founders-the-chaat-company-llc-18“You’ve never had Indian food like this before.”

Indian food has rarely been considered cool. In a culture bursting with energy, color, and tradition, we only tend to see it expressed in poorly-lit, Taj Mahal-themed restaurants slinging all-you-can-eat buffets with curry, tikka masala, and naan. There’s so much more.

In the bustling streets of India, you’ll find chaat, hundreds of mouth-watering fresh snacks that have fueled billions of people for generations. Served in roadside carts helmed by masters of bold flavors and textures, chaat is alive with crunch and spice and tang and it hits with the flavor impact of a tornado.

“We’re on a mission to shock the standards of Indian cuisine armed with its bold street snacks. Chaat is unlike any other cuisine in the world, it’s been around for thousands of years and we want to share it with you.”

The Chaat Company: Fresh Indian Street Snacks

New Delhi Nachos™: Known as Papri Chaat in the streets, this build-your-own snack box comes with crunchy chickpea chips you top with fresh chopped veggies and a spiced tamarind yogurt. Dig in with a spoon to hold all this flavor. Happy hours will never be the same.

Mumbai Mix™: Known as Bhel Puri in the streets, this grab & go cup comes with a mixture of puffed rice, lentils, chickpeas, cornflakes and nuts, fresh chopped veggies and a sweet and spicy tamarind chutney. Mix together and snack like a Bollywood star.

Punjabi Puffs™: Known as Dahi Puri in the streets, this build-your-own snack box comes with puffed crackers you pop open and fill with a spiced yogurt and chutneys. Open wide and eat in one bite! You’ll never reach for those potato chips again.

Street Drinks: Need something to wash down that delicious chaat? We’ve got you covered with unique, refreshing street drinks such as Tamarind Water, Spiced Limeade or a cup of hot Chai (and please don’t call it a chai tea latte). All with the perfect balance of aromatic spices and sweetness.

Bringing the Streets of India to NYC Events

Experience our menu of freshly prepared chaat ON-SITE by our culinary team, complete with Indian hip-hop beats, street games (carom anyone?) and swag giveaways. It’s as if you rolled up to a chaat cart. See what our clients at Google, WeWork, Big Spaceship, Oath Brands, IBM, Players Tribune and many others are raving about.

The Founders Talk about Their Journey and Passion

Anshu Dua, Co-Founder:

My very first memory is of frantically running down the stairs of my home in Chandigarh and squeezing my way onto a crowded rickshaw. I was 3 years old and I had no fear. Along with fifteen other kids, sitting on wooden boards hanging off the ends, this was my school bus.

I was born in India, but in the early 80’s, my parents packed all their possessions into eight very large suitcases and, with my older sister, we flew to America on a Pan Am jumbo jet.

We learned to adapt to our new country and I became an American kid. I watched MTV, tried to understand the rules of football, ate Filet-o-Fish sandwiches (no beef in our house), drove everywhere in our light blue station wagon.

Shiraz Noor, Co-Founder:

My greatest memories are of food. It wasn’t some sort of destiny. It started if you can imagine, with the launch of the Food Network which lured me away from cartoons at a young age. I watched David Rosengarten, Sara Moulton, and Bobby Flay. I watched Emeril Lagasse religiously. Bam.

My parents were good cooks, and I always tried to help them as a means to bolster my education. We cooked a lot of Indian food, though my mum, from Singapore, also dabbled in Chinese. They were usually in a rush to get something on the table so for extra credit on weekends I would go over to my aunt’s house and cook with her.

My fate was sealed the first time I walked into the kitchen of a fine-dining restaurant in Singapore that my cousin had an interest in. She’d convinced the French-trained chef to babysit a 12-year old who was technically on summer vacation. On my first day, I rolled out pasta. On my second, I shucked oysters. By my third, I never wanted to leave.

I forwent college in favor of culinary school with 3 restaurant summer jobs under my belt. I secured an internship at then the #1 restaurant in the world, The Fat Duck. I came to New York City and cooked at The Gramercy Tavern.

I studied wine and cocktails and service, working through Eleven Madison Park and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I worked every restaurant position I possibly could, all the way up to General Manager. And I realized that I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to be.

Soon after, on a visit to my parents, we ate an Indian meal at the table I grew up at. And for the first time in my life, I devoured it not wishing there was also a steak or fries or sushi. And I got to thinking.

“We’ve launched the first on-demand chaat service, with mouth-watering Indian street snacks and drinks, prepared fresh daily and delivered anywhere in NYC. Perfect for corporate snacks, happy hours, birthday parties, weddings or really any event. It’s about time.”