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Consolidating Data for Ease of Operations: Congruity360


Data has now grown to become a commodity. The internet has become an integral part of our lives and we depend on it for paying utility bills, ordering food, shopping for groceries, booking movie tickets, making travel plans, etc. Every single activity carried out by users of Internet-based services generates data, which is used by corporations to reach out to customers and identify useful details like market fluctuations, customer preference patterns, etc. This information allows services to tailor their offerings based on what customers would likely prefer.

However, with billions of people using internet-based services, the amount of data generated is just mind-boggling. As corporations store and manage data, it can get increasingly difficult and expensive to discern actionable patterns in the vast swaths of usage data lying around. Congruity360 is a single-source data management provider that can replace the existing collection of fragmented point solutions, breaking down the silos of a company’s data management strategy.

In conversation with the Co-founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of Congruity360, Brian Davidson

Q. What motivated you to launch your company?

We identified that organizations tend to maintain data in silos. While each component is closely related to and dependent on the others, organizations don’t often view them as a unit until the risks and cost of remaining in isolated silos become too great when compared with the cost of integrating them. We know the individual components of data management aren’t used in isolation, so we decided to take a holistic approach to data management.

Congruity360’s solutions are designed to keep your data secure, healthy, and agile – exposing reliable datasets that empower you to make intelligent business decisions. Whether you work with us to implement an information governance strategy or a tech refresh, our solutions bring cost savings, simplicity, and efficiency to your organization – turning your efforts into data points leadership can easily understand.

Q. What was your first venture?

My first venture, Rockland IT Solutions, was established with Congruity360 co-founder Sean Brady in 2006. Rockland IT was a very successful business that specialized in selling and supporting data storage hardware. Rockland IT led Sean and me to the creation of another spinoff, MSDI, which layered managed services on top of the enterprise hardware solutions Rockland IT was accustomed to selling to create a more comprehensive offering to our customer base. From the start of my career, I have understood the importance of quickly pivoting when the market changes or when fresh ideas arise.

Q. What were the initial challenges that your company faced?

In our initial years, Sean and I worked around the clock to grow Rockland IT. The difficulty of trying to scale rapidly made us quickly aware that we couldn’t do it by ourselves. We got comfortable bringing on more team members and starting to delegate, which left us able to better focus on strategy and operational management. We learned to work smarter while still working hard.

Q. How do you maintain your customers’ trust and loyalty?

We try to stay in constant communication with our customers to address any challenges or problems they experience. We become trusted advisors not just sales representatives to our customers, maintaining open communication within our accounts, therefore helping us build and maintain trust and loyalty. We work to harness our relationships with our customers by cultivating personal relationships, like spending time with them sharing our industry knowledge, providing key consultations, as well as maintaining strong SLAs.

Q. What would you say makes your company productive?

Our employees are our biggest asset. Throughout the years we’ve gone through many changes and our employees have always worked through them and embraced our mission for success and innovation. Without such a dedicated and experienced team, we wouldn’t be able to innovate and grow as we have in the past.

Secondly, the market today is flooded with vendors that sell point solutions to customers, instead of vendors that sell true solutions to business challenges. When you couple our expertise with data and the way it is stored and managed alongside our 20yrs of experience in the legal world, you start to bridge the gap between legal and IT and what is created is a foundation for our customers to gain valuable insight from analytics, while also ensuring they stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations around user privacy and control. Congruity360 is unique because we take a holistic approach to problem-solving when it comes to data management—where other companies address single issues that leave businesses void of a scalable solution for the future.

Q. Would you say that your company is a leader or a follower?

Congruity360 is a leader and we formulate our own core values: we bring order to data chaos. Our solutions keep your data secure, healthy, and agile – exposing reliable data sets that empower you to make intelligent business decisions. We focus on innovation; our leadership team strives to stay ten steps ahead of the industry in its current state. When planning for the future we consider where the industry will be, not the status quo of the industry. Our entire organization values this dedication to growth and expanding their own knowledge basis to best serve the organization and our customers.

Meet the maverick entrepreneur behind Congruity360’s success, Brian Davidson

Brian Davidson is a CEO, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Congruity360, a data management and managed services provider born of the merger of Congruity LLC and KNJ, Inc. in 2017. Congruity360 takes a holistic approach to data management, offering data classification, compliance, litigation readiness, and intelligent migrations. Brian’s professional career originated with the formation of Rockland IT Solutions, a provider of third-party maintenance and refurbished storage & networking hardware, the first venture he co-founded with partner Sean Brady in 2006. He co-founded MSDI, a managed and data center services provider, in 2010. The union of Rockland IT Solutions and MSDI led to the formation of Congruity LLC, a data management and managed services provider that redefined the complete storage lifecycle management experience, and ultimately to the formation of Congruity360. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a minor in Accounting and Psychology from the University of New Hampshire.

“Our solutions keep your data secure, healthy, and agile – exposing reliable data sets that empower you to make intelligent business decisions.”