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CyberDuo offers a comprehensive suite of IT services for small to medium sized business


Every business, whether small or big, needs effective IT services and systems to increase productivity. Whether it is through hiring in-house information technology experts or maximizing the benefits of outsourcing technical support, strong and reliable IT services enable companies to stay competitive. As such, it is a must for companies to stay updated on the latest tech trends and focus on continuously updating their existing computer systems.

Clients prefer working with businesses capable of keeping up with trends in technology. Being highly aware of the importance of IT support services, particularly the big and small changes in its structure, along with its costs and demands, portray a sense of dedication and reliability while assuring more streamlined operations.

IT services and systems span a wide array of problem-solving and innovative resources. Every carefully engineered and high-tech apparatus leaves a significant ripple effect on how a business’ services and internal functions are executed.

CyberDuo, founded in 2010, employs a team of highly trained and certified IT and cybersecurity engineers with deep knowledge of the most advanced, secure, and reliable technologies. With response times and client satisfaction well-above industry averages, its fully-managed IT services provide clients with the freedom of mind in knowing their data and systems are secure, operational, and high-performing.

Above all the company has a mission to strive deliver the highest quality, and best value technology support. So, for that end, CyberDuo built team with exceptional engineers, advanced developers and organized managers. In fact, most employees have more than 10 years of experience in its respective fields. Certainly, the firm’s collective expertise enables it to deliver support to local SMEs.

CyberDuo says, “We focus on customers interests, strive meet their expectations as much as possible. Almost all customers, having contacted us once, are happy work together again. In addition, this is an important indicator effectiveness team activity, and chosen development strategy. Of course, company pride ourselves on transparency.”

Managed IT services

CyberDuo will monitor infrastructure 24/7 to ensure that it is protected at all times for maintaining optimum performance. Likewise, company provides support at all hours; if you have issues with desktops, printers, applications, or any other aspect, simply call CyberDuo, and they’ll fix this. Company can resolve the majority issues remotely, but if the need arises, it won’t hesitate to provide on-site support.

Information technology issues aren’t just frustrating, they can have a significant impact on both productivity and profitability. The firm keeps its customers’ businesses running smoothly at all times, company pride ourselves on responding support requests as quickly as possible. CyberDuo measures its response times in seconds, and takes over 93% of all calls in less than one minute.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services, often referred to simply as “clouds” is a model for providing on-demand computing resources, from applications to data centers, over the Internet. Thanks to virtualization technologies, it became possible to combine multiple Internet servers into single clusters with virtually unlimited performance. In addition to high reliability, such clusters allow you to optimize the load on each server. Therefore, significantly reduce the cost of computer resources. Low cost, high reliability and outsourcing of tasks to support IT infrastructure — these are factors that have become the key to the rapid success of cloud technologies. Of course, big plus point is that cloud systems run as a distributed service. Which means that a router failure in one datacenter isn't going to bring your own network services down.

Business continuity

Customers order services such as DRaaS or BaaS from providers to provide security their data. These solutions protect important data, systems from various incidents, but at the same time they have different goals. Backup allows you to restore data at any time provided for plan, and protects information from loss during accidents. In turn, disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophe quickly restores the virtual infrastructure, but provides for creation only one copy, does not guarantee safety data.

Viable solutions for remote employees

Managed Endpoint Protection: Monitoring and preventing security threats that target your end-users. Antivirus is does not work. Use only AI platform that defeats cyber-attacks.

Managed EDR: Edge to Edge Enterprise Security Platform for SMBs and Large Organization. Prevent, detect and respond with CyberDuo’s SOC.

Managed Firewall: Need monitoring for your Next Generation Firewall? CyberDuo is here to help. It manages and monitors your security devices 24/7.

SIEM and Log Management: Monitoring and analysing the alerts and reports faster. CyberDuo provides custom-fit SIEM-as-a-service in a single solution. Get reports that matter.

Vulnerability Scanning & Management: All-in-One Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response. Know your weak areas and patch them before a breach happens.

Managed Cloud Security: Protect your cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud security assessment and architecture.

The Leader

Kevin Tadevosyan is an Information Technology professional and entrepreneur with nearly fifteen years of experience providing hands-on technical support and management for a diverse set of projects and initiatives. In 2013, he founded CyberDuo to create an IT services provider capable of managing the full IT needs for businesses in the Los Angeles area.

 “Our fully-managed IT services provide clients with the freedom of mind in knowing their data and systems are secure, operational, and high-performing.”