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DevTeamSix Is Looking To Fully Disrupt the Decentralized World


It is an undeniable fact that the global economy is continuing to move towards a digital ecosystem. From money transfer to investment, almost everything is going paperless now. The most promising addition ever made to the payment sector is cryptocurrency. It provides the investors with certainty, making them a desirable investment opportunity for now and future. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and they will not go away easily as others speculate. Fraudulent transactions are also minimal in cryptocurrencies because every transaction is secure and records are maintained without the risk of being pirated. In the digital world that we live in, cryptocurrency markets are all over the place and there are several high quality digital coin and token issuers.

Globally there are various providers delivering excellent tokens and crypto-related services, but CreamPYE stands out from the rest. CreamPYE is looking to fully disrupt the decentralized world. The company has put together a team behind the CreamPYE project to build better tech than what is currently available today. CreamPYE is more than just a DeFi token, it is the future of Defi/Decentralization and CEXDEX. Join CreamPYE for the ride of a lifetime and be a part of making a true impact in the world to help stop world hunger and at the same time disrupt the decentralized world by offering better tech and more affordable access to everyone. 

We recently interviewed, Bill Spata, the CEO of DevTeamSix, the development team behind CreamPYE. In a brief interview with us, Bill told us about how the company is doing a great job in the blockchain space and the company’s vision for the future. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. Can you take us through the journey of the company right from its beginning to the point where it unwaveringly stands today?

We started out a long time ago doing software development and platform builds and continued to learn about blockchain technology. And as we did that, we also did a lot of diligence and research and learned how to build and integrate blockchain technology into platforms as well as software. This was mainly for consumer users, as well as for business and industrial use. We are all about letting the platform build and having the development tell the story for us. We will continue to prove through what we do and what we develop and how we continuously build a world-class product and offerings for people to utilize. Currently, this is the beginning and people are getting involved and learning about projects and understanding the scope of what’s going on out there. We are well aware of how they engage with all sorts of projects and some of them are good actors and some are bad actors.

We do our best to continuously be as transparent as possible. We show the life of what’s going on here within, what we’re building to support the token project that’s out there. As we continue to do that, we will continue to bring more use cases as well as utility to those projects. And as those things happen, we believe wholeheartedly that people will see our authenticity and they will see the genuine aspect of what we say we’re building is actually what is produced. We’re very excited about knowing that people have that level of connection with us.

Q. The idea of cryptocurrency and how it works is very technical, which makes it challenging to understand for most people who aren’t experts in the field of technology. How can we create awareness about the offerings to increase the user base?

Our goal is to gain mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We also want to do a full integration of blockchain technology worldwide, as we continue to see more and more different types of business, as well as platforms, as well as consumer offerings being available to people. We know that it will continuously build the awareness around what this technology has to offer to the world. We will continue to bring as much awareness as we can. One of the biggest things that we do daily behind the scenes is that we continuously put out more and more content every single day. So we’re educating people. We are giving them more of the insight as to what they don’t just see on a website or somebody talking about in the chat board. It gives them more of a true connection to what happens here.

One of the things that can pique people’s interest is by understanding how this stuff really works. And we feel that our effort is made towards more and more content that is directly authentic and just really giving people a genuine opportunity to connect on a level that has never been done before. We’ll actually raise awareness to the entire world, because every day we’re putting out a new YouTube video, or we’re putting out some sort of content that’s going to help somebody.

Q. Even though cryptocurrency is intangible, there’s still the possibility of theft through hacking. Hackers have sophisticated tools that they use to infiltrate cryptocurrency wallets and trading platforms to intercept transactions and send the funds their way. How secure is your offering? What are the different strategies deployed by you to secure your services?

Our offerings are all secured by smart contracts. We are actually working off of a smart contract that has been staked or deployed to the blockchain. Blockchain is very, very secure. It is almost impossible to be able to hack. So, that gives people that confidence level that when they’re engaging with the tokens that we support development for. They can have confidence in the fact that it is all done through blockchain technology, which is one of the safest and secure technologies that the world has to offer at this point.

Strategies deployed by us are really extremely unique. We continue to secure the footprint of what we’re developing. We continue to actually breed less friction between users, as well as the technology itself. So, as we continue to grow and as we continue to make offerings for people with the different platforms, we build to support the tokens or support the projects that those things will continue to breed future usage as we go on.

Q. The real value of any cryptocurrency relies on building a strong product that a significant network of users will want to use. However, if these networks either fail to attract users or never get users to actually utilize the platform, then the currency will likely see a drop-off in price. How do you prevent potential network stall?

Network Stall is really dependent upon the blockchain you are actually working with. There are a lot of different blockchains in cryptocurrency arena. We select blockchains that really have less human interaction, and more dependent upon staking. So, staking is not a mining perspective. There will be some projects that do have some mining involved but for the most part, we are trying to work with blockchains that don’t really have that network traffic issue or major overcoming of being able to process transactions quick enough. We really want them to happen just as frictionless as you would just buy with a visa card or you’d be purchasing something online. We really focus our guidance of how we choose what to work with and what to work on based on that.

Q. Where do you stand as a company in the current market landscape? And what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

Our goal is to continue to build confidence, trust and loyalty. We want to really show people that these projects can be developed in a decentralized world, by a true development company that is putting the right resources, the right people and the right intuition and vision behind these projects to turn them into a real true foundational platform that the projects can actually see as a true utility or a true use case in the future. We want to become the standard that everybody has to live by.

“Our goal is to gain mass adoption of cryptocurrency.”