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Exelot: Streamlining Cross-Border Logistics the Right Way


“Exelot aims to eliminate existing logistical and cost barriers through a quick, reliable, and affordable solution.”

After working for four years with the Israel Postal Company in a key position, Daniel Cohen understood the various challenges in the postal services, especially with regard to e-commerce organizations that are serving international customers. The challenges mostly revolved around the elaborate customs processes inefficient transport routes and last mile delivery accuracy, which caused delayed deliveries. To attend to this setback, Cohen founded Exelot, a logistics solution provider that is striving to provide an efficient cross-border shipping solution. “Exelot aims to eliminate existing logistical and cost barriers through a quick, reliable, and affordable solution, and in turn, help clients increase their customer satisfaction over delivery issues. In fact, we assist e-retailers to grow their sales in new destinations”, says Cohen, Founder, and CEO at Exelot.

Major players in the e-commerce field struggle to identify a reliable logistics platform that can support ocean, air, and land transportation, causing the companies to resort to time-consuming international shipments that take as long as 20-30 days to deliver a product. Further, after the product is shipped to another country, the lack of transparency and customer support in the local language becomes an additional drawback. When these organizations turn to private courier firms to reduce the transit time period, the exorbitant costs burn a hole in their corporate pockets, making it an impractical choice for large-scale deliveries, or for shipping mid-low value products.

In today’s toe-to-toe competition between e-commerce companies, Exelot’s end-to-end solution provides its clients with a smooth, accessible, and reliable logistics chain through its AI-driven multi-vendor platform. The omnichannel platform focuses on collecting and using data required for the seamless functioning of the logistics—from the moment the end-user places the order until it is delivered. Exelot’s platform provides both the vendor and the end customer an added transparency to track and trace the product through the entire delivery chain. The solution not only allows the vendor to control their shipment effectively but also helps with digital invoicing and automatic payment for Value-Added Tax (VAT). Alongside this, the platform also interfaces with warehouses (WMS) to help them with warehousing, fulfilment and pick & pack service nearby the destination countries. “Our end-to-end platform together with the entire logistics data and our AI capabilities makes Exelot a winning solution for our customers,” says IzackVarsanno, CTO and Co-founder, whom in his past developed unique solutions and architectures for the IDF / Israeli Army logistics division, civil enterprises, and start-ups.

With several customs brokers and airlines partnership, “we are like the Uber of parcel services with a strong third-party vendor engagement,” says Cohen. Leveraging their vendor relations and a robust AI-driven platform, Exelot ensures that every shipment goes through an optimized route to reach the recipient within days. Besides, Exelot’s solution also facilitates effective cross-border customer service. While ensuring maximum delivery success rates, the platform also takes measures to track all delivery grievances and report it to the first mile.

With a wide array of advantages provided by the startup, it is no surprise that one of China’s e-commerce giants is a part of Exelot’s clientele. The e-commerce firm sought Exelot’s help to manage the fulfillment hub cycle for serving countries like Greece, Cyprus, other Balkan countries, Sweden and Poland, through land, water, and sea routes, with a transit time of 2-5 days. Similarly, three other customers from China have doubled their sales to Israel, owing to “a good marketing campaign and Exelot’s strong logistics platform that proved to be a winning formula,” adds Cohen.

With several other client successes up its sleeves, Exelot is currently targeting to digitalize the documentation process in the logistics segment. Coupled with that, Cohen plans to add around 30 countries to the company’s list of destinations. While spreading its wings globally, Exelot is poised to reach out to e-commerce kingpins and small-medium vendors alike with its robust, transparent, and reliable cross-border logistics platform.

“Exelot’s last-mile solution provides its clients with a smooth, accessible, and reliable logistics chain through its AI-driven multi-vendor platform.”