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Experts in offering internet telephony products and services: InPhonex


InPhonex was founded in 2003 with a goal to create and offer Internet telephony products and services to consumers, businesses (large and small), resellers, and service providers. The uniqueness of the founding vision of InPhonex is the core of what makes InPhonex unique today. The platform that was built to realize the founding vision was architected and has been built to deliver maximum power and control both to users and the companies that use its platform to provide services. With the power and flexibility of the InPhonex platform, the company has been able to create four separate businesses upon it. Many businesses like theirs have a platform that is constantly in their way - presenting them with challenges that must be overcome, generally with compromises. 

The InPhonex platform is an ingeniously architected union of hardware, software, global interconnections, and people. It can collectively support the needs of consumers, businesses, resellers, and service providers. It is designed to satisfy range from the very simple - like allowing a father to make an inexpensive, high-quality international call to his daughter - to the complex - like enabling a service provider to build a telephony business with tens of thousands of users.

InPhonex’s telecom services

Business Bulk Plans- Cyber Cafe or calling center can be connected to the InPhonex VoIP network and the customers can enjoy discounted calling and the billing system needed so that they can bill their customers in Real Time with their own customized rates to improve profit. In addition, it offers up to 30% off these low rates and supportstheir existing VoIP device. InPhonex Bulk Plans offer "rollover minutes" and many simultaneous calls. It offers plans that include different amounts of minutes and countries so they can choose the plan that is right for them with minimal setup fee or investment.

SIP Termination- Selecting the right partner to trust with phone service is an important decision. A client’s SIP termination provider must consistently deliver a high quality of service and provide the clients with the features, tools, price, and flexibility they need. InPhonex provides the services any client needs without interruptions or voice quality issues.

Reasons to choose InPhonex as the termination partner

  • Price to value: The company offers exceptional voice quality at a competitive price.
  • Reliability and performance: It owns the network infrastructure and has no single point of failure
  • It offers SIP trunking and supports unauthenticated SIP calling
  • Open SIP network:A client can use any SIP device or PBX including Asterisk, Trixbox and more
  • Get started fast: Using the company’s online tools, a client can start in hours, not days or weeks

Business Unlimited-With an InPhonex Business Unlimited calling plan, a client can make unlimited calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada (mobile and fixed line) for the low price of $49.95 per month. This plan can be used from anywhere in the world that they connect to the Internet and includes an incoming phone number. The client can keep their existing number or select a new number from the country of their choice. InPhonex users can connect from anywhere in the world.

InPhonex’s salient features

InPhonex’s services have the following salient features:

3 Way Calling: With three-way calling, a customer can talk to two other people at once with ease. This feature lets the client bring the second party online by following the instructions.

InPhonex 911: In case of emergency, InPhonex supports 911 dialing.

Call Transfer: InPhonex call transfer allows the client to direct a call to any number in the world while talking to the other party. While on a call, they need to follow the instructions below to transfer the call.

Call Return: With Call Return, the clients can simply call back the last number who called them. It provides a complete Call History or Missed Calls listing from the online user Control Panel.

Do Not Disturb: When Do Not Disturb feature is enabled, all incoming calls will be routed directly to voicemail (if enabled) and the phone will not ring.

Meet the dynamic leader

KOOI LIM, CEO of InPhonex: Kooi is an entrepreneur that has built three outstanding technology-based businesses in computer parts, Internet services, and telephony. Originally from Malaysia, Kooi completed his formal studies in Canada and the United States. He holds a B.Sc. in Finance and M.B.A from Southern Illinois University.

“We offer prepaid phone service and International DID numbers using our voice over IP system and an analog telephone adaptor (ATA)”