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Fayrix – Turning your ideas into diamond solutions by providing custom software development and Big Data services


AI and machine learning solutions have become popular and widespread because they create real value and business benefits. The latest and most advanced solutions employ large arrays of open raw data, while hardware and computing capacities are getting more affordable even for smaller businesses. As a result, companies gain valuable insights on hidden people's behavior patterns - their digital footprints, which conventional data analysis can't detect and utilize. These insights help companies systematically increase sales, mitigate risks, and refine operations.

Fayrix is one such full-scale custom software development company providing deep expertise in BI & Big Data services. The firm is continually gaining experience in several areas, focusing on IoT, Machine learning, blockchain, web, and mobile technologies. The firm has its headquarters in Israel, first-class R&D in Russia, and across Eastern Europe. The company provides its clients' flexible terms, competitive rates & different models of partnership. It is not just another service provider; they strive to become a long-term technology partner for their clients. Fayrix has been specially created to bring IT innovation to traditional commercial processes of IT companies. The firm is 100% online in terms of sales and marketing; it does not have any travel, representative, or rental costs. This saves budgets and lets them offer the most competitive rates, preserving the highest level of services provided, again confirming that the firm is the most innovative and digitally-advanced project.

Fayrix offers a wide range of sophisticated software and hardware IoT solutions targeted at real estate developers, property management and utility service companies, and community associations. The solutions ensure straightforward cooperation workflows, optimize costs, and bring transparency to related business processes. The main features include online service requests creation, payment of bills, utility meter readings submission & utility consumption management, lighting management, ventilation management and Big Data services related to preventive maintenance and operations optimization based on Machine Learning.

Why Fayrix

  • Accelerate and improve your software development process
  • Optimize development costs
  • Attain access to extensive engineering resources for large-scale development
  • Locate professionals in a niche technology

The key values of Fayrix:

  • World-class engineers. The firm combines Israeli project managers' unique experience with the sharpened tech skills of Russian & East-European developers.
  • An outstanding cost-quality ratio. With Fayrix, you could save up to 40% on software development costs.
  • Express team building. On average, the firm takes only two weeks to build a fully-functional software team.
  • Transparency & quality assurance. Fayrix's methodology, honed over 12 years, ensures that its customers only expect the highest project execution standards.

Path-breaking services offered by Fayrix

Fayrix Resident: Fayrix Resident includes a Web portal, iOS, and Android mobile apps for residents to instantly access all sorts of maintenance services. Fayrix Resident makes local life more comfortable and brings additional value compared to regular apartment rent or purchase.

Fayrix Tenant: It is a convenient online space for tenants and property owners' communications and collaboration.

Key features of Fayrix Tenant:

  • Booking house amenities
  • Rent calculator
  • Request for facility services, e.g., parking, cleaning, catering, etc.
  • Centralized official document storage

Fayrix Metering: Fayrix Metering is an all-around IoT solution designed for accounting and remote management of utility consumption: hot and cold water supply, central heating, gas, and compressed air.

Fayrix Lighting Management: Fayrix Lighting Management is a complex IoT solution that collects and processes data from multiple lighting sensors for internal and external lighting management. Key benefits include instant notification of power outages and direct savings on electricity.

Fayrix Ventilation Management: Fayrix in-house ventilation management solution allows remote management and monitoring of building ventilation cycles. Key benefits of integration include ensuring optimal air conditions for making residents and direct savings on powering ventilation equipment.

Fayrix Inspector: Fayrix Inspector is a mobile solution for Android tablets to automate the daily routines of housing inspectors. The solution increases staff performance and makes their work more transparent for managers.

Fayrix Big Data, ML and AI Services: Big data, machine learning, and predictive analysis have evolved from being just a new exotic product to an essential mainstream instrument for many verticals & market sectors. Fayrix's dedicated team of 50+ data scientists, data analysts, and developers are ready to execute a complete project of any scale from initial data analysis & consulting to target models & software development, including integration into an existing IT landscape.

The leader behind the success of Fayrix Software

Ofer Zvi is the Director of Fayrix Israel. He is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in leading corporate management and business and technology activities. He is a valid driver and a heart of Fayrix team. He has a knack for building new reliable relationships.

"Fayrix is 100% flexible and can offer our client services from renting a single specific developer to building a whole offshore development center."