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thesiliconreview-matt-barrie-ceo-freelancer-com-2017“We connect over 24,522,185 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories.” is the world's largest freelancing and crowd sourcing marketplace by number of users and projects. The company connects over 24,522,185 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories. Through their marketplace, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.

How does it works

How does "anything you want" sound? The companies have experts representing every technical, professional and creative field, providing a full range of solutions:

  • Small jobs, large jobs, anything in-between
  • Fixed price or hourly terms
  • Specific skills, cost and schedule requirements

Just give the details of your project and the freelancers will get it done faster, better, and cheaper than one could possibly imagine. Jobs can be as big or small as you like, and be fixed price or hourly. One can even specify the schedule, costs, and milestones.

Meet the Executive

MATT BARRIE, Chief Executive Officer & ChairmanBE (Hons I) BSc (Hons I) GDipAppFin MAppFin MSEE (Stanford) GAICD SEP FIEAust

Matt Barrie is an award winning technology entrepreneur. He is Chief Executive of, the world's largest freelancing marketplace connecting over 20 million professionals from around the globe, which has been awarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences ten Webby Awards, the "Internet's highest honour". primarily connects small businesses and individuals from the western world with freelancers in the developing world, empowering entrepreneurs on both sides of the globe. Freelancer Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2013 with a market capitalisation of over $1 billion.

Matt were Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney where he taught Cryptography for fifteen years and, later, Technology Venture Creation. He is the co-author of over 20 US patent applications.

Matt is a prolific speaker globally and has headlined at SXSW, The Summit Series, Tony Robbins, The Next Web, the New York Times, Bloomberg TV, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, BRW and the Economist.

Previously he founded and was CEO of Sensory Networks Inc., a vendor of high performance network security processors which sold to Intel Corporation in 2013.

In 2006, he was awarded the State Pearcey Award for contribution to the IT&T industry. In 2010 he was named Alumnus of the Year for the Faculty of Engineering and IT at the University of Sydney. In 2011 he was named inaugural BRW Entrepreneur of the Year, by Australia's most prestigious business publication as well as the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.

Awards & Accolades has received some impressive and memorable awards over the years, each and every award listed below is a tribute to you and the millions of other Freelancers in our community!

  • 54th Australian Export Awards
  • Premier's NSW Export Awards 2016
  • Grand Stevie Award- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Best Interface Design- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Executive of the Year - Internet/New Media- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Communications, Investor Relations or PR Executive of the Year- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Communications Department of the Year- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Company of the Year - Business or Professional Services – Large- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Gold Stevie for Most Innovative Company of the Year - in Asia, Australia and New Zealand- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Silver Stevie for Executive of the Year - Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Business Services & Diversified Services- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • Silver Stevie for Utilities & Services- The 2016 International Business Awards
  • People's Voice Award - Best Employment Website-20th Annual Webby Awards 2016
  • Best Employment Website- 20th Annual Webby Awards 2016
  • Top 50 Tech Pioneers- Australia and New Zealand, 2016

Startups love Freelancer

"Freelancer contests made it easy and fun to choose a corporate logo. We ended up with so many quality designs it was hard to choose a winner. We especially liked the voting feature as it gave us valuable feedback." - Garth Goodson, natero

" was crucial in our lean early stage startup strategy, and allowed us access to top quality talent that we couldn't have hired at the time. Now that we're a little further along I still find myself constantly looking to to fill talent gaps and to get reliable results from projects. Highly recommended." - John Sun, Debt Eye (YC)

"I am amazed by the number of quality freelancers we found on the site. It took us very little time to find the right people that we are looking for. I am also very impressed by the professionalism expressed in communication and project planning. This will be my go-to place for any outsourcing needs." - Dafeng Guo , Strikingly (YC '13)

"Freelancer provided us the opportunity to outsource design tasks to very well-qualified and talented providers. Our experience as "contest holder" was outstanding: all contest participants were courteous, knowledgable and professional. There is just some great talent on this site ready to help at amazing rates with rapid turnaround." - Balazs Moldovanyi , Terascore (YC '13)

" allowed us to find a high quality firm to make our 'explainer video.' We loved seeing numerous talented options on the Freelancer marketplace, and were able to get a great video for the right price. Highly recommended." -Chris Kelly, Survata

“Freelancer owns, the leading provider of secure online payments and online transaction management for consumers and businesses on the Internet.”