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From the US Army to Samsung Electronics - Terry Halvorsen, CIO CIO/EVP IT Mobile Samsung Electronics at Samsung Electronics


Terry believes that the key to transform and maximize your business is through building successful and empowered teams. He has over 37 years of experience in leading government and transforming organizations. As the DOD CIO, he has managed a $37B budget and established a strategic IT direction for the Department of Defense. He holds a degree in Arts (History PreLaw) from Widener University and a master's degree from the University of West Florida –Med, Educational Technology. 

Initially, he started working for the US Army as the Military Intelligence Officer. His duty stations were in Pensacola, Korea, Ft Benning, and assignments worldwide. He worked for the US Army for over four years and soon started working as the Civil Affairs Officer for the United States Army Reserve. He was here for eleven years and then moved on to the US Navy, where he served them for three years as the Chief Information Officer. Later he moved to the United States Department of Defense as the CIO for two years. Finally, he is now part of the Samsung Electronics family as the CIO/EVP IT mobile Samsung Electronics.

He had announced a two-year plan that focused on the replacement of functions of common access cards with biometric systems in June 2016. He introduced as iris scanners and behavioral analytics, which later was incorporated by the U.S. allies. These allies include New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and Australia. He did say that an organization’s cybersecurity budget is most effectively spent on educating staff, rather than technology.He is famous for his service in the US’s invasion of Panama and Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War.

During an American Chamber of Commerce event in Sydney, he said “The single threat to your system is people, some of it not even malicious. People ask what keeps me up at night? It’s people. The best investment anybody can make in security has very little, initially, to do with technology. It’s making sure you have educated your workforce on IT, operations, cyber hygiene.”

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Being a global leader in electronics, Samsung has some amazing leaders in the management department. Terry Halvorsen is one of them and the firm is always opened to new possibilities. People can surely tag along with the company and come with their ideas to improve it. With ongoing innovative plans, the firm is surely making progress in all its products and services. It is currently transforming the world through its latest products such as TVs, tablets, digital appliances, network systems LED solutions, semiconductors, medical devices, wearable dives, smartphones, and many such gadgets. The firm is even focusing on AI and IoT, which will soon be coming into the market.

Various solutions are provided by the company and it is also leading the IoT space through its Smart Home and Digital Health Initiatives. Ever since it was started in 1969, Samsung Electronics has been a company that never stops running. It has been the biggest player in its vertical for quite some time now. It set the bar so high that other companies are yet to even go closer to it. This is the reason why it is recognized as the world’s leading technology firm in terms of the above-mentioned products. Expanding its network across the world was the best thing they did and it is now the only firm that has been a big player in the mobile phone division and TVs. It takes pride in its creativity and diversity. There are a lot of talented people within the firm and they are the ones who are responsible for its growth.

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