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Get Serious About Eliminating Muscle Cramps: The Pickle Juice Company, LLC

thesiliconreview-filip-keuppens-vp-the-pickle-juice-company-llc-18Muscle cramps are an extremely common problem for athletes and those engaging in sports activity and can occur in any skeletal muscle. Muscle cramps usually hit at the end of intense workouts or during endurance events because fatigued muscles are more likely to cramp. When you exercise, your body sweats, releasing water and electrolytes and as you continue to lose water and electrolytes during your workout, your body becomes depleted resulting in muscle cramps.

Moreover, almost everyone experiences a cramp at some time in their life. Muscle cramps are common in adults and become increasingly frequent with aging. In fact, most non athletic adults will experience their first nighttime leg cramp around age 50.

Consuming fluids and electrolytes to avoid dehydration will help avoid or delay muscle cramps. However, consuming the right fluid is pivotal and the market is flooded with unhealthy sports drinks. Combating this problem and providing 100% natural, sugar-free, and caffeine free sports drink to athletes since 2001, is the Texas-based The Pickle Juice Company, LLC.

The Genesis of The Pickle Juice Company, LLC

The company was originally established with the dual purpose of replenishing electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise and addressing muscle cramps. Pickle Juice® Sport was founded in 2001, for the purpose of providing relief for anyone that suffers from muscle cramping. The high electrolyte content of the dill flavored beverage assists the body in removing lactic acid from exerted muscle tissue thereby alleviating debilitating muscle cramps.

The company spent approximately ten years refining and testing during which consumer distribution was limited to a local trade area and active engagements were limited to elite and professional level athletes in order to ensure that product efficacy was maximized.

The Pickle Juice Company has evolved to become one of “the best-kept secrets” in the Athletic Trainer and Elite Athlete communities. The formula was tested and revised in the marketplace in order to develop the most effective formula possible. Extra Strength Pickle Juice shots were released in 2012 in order to provide a portable product for the individual endurance athlete as well as the Athletic Trainer’s kit. 2015 marked the global rollout strategy and most recent product formulation. Since then, the growth of Pickle Juice® has been explosive.

The Front Runners of Beverage Innovation

The Pickle Juice Company is at the forefront of functional food and beverage innovation. By creating the only product on the market that is proven to stop and prevent muscle cramps and aid hydration, The Pickle Juice Company has successfully taken functional food and beverage into the neurological sphere as its signature product, Pickle Juice® attacks muscle cramps at the neurological source rather than the physiological trigger point.

The firm understands that over-investing is never good regardless of the nature of the company. The Pickle Juice Company does believe in embracing technology on both the front and back end. Despite having opened its latest manufacturing facility as recently as 2015, the company is opening a new 100,000 square ft plant in Texas that will increase manufacturing capacity 5 fold. Additionally, it has also recently invested in a comprehensive enterprise software solution that enables live views to all facets of the business from any location for its entire staff.

Impediments along the Way to Greatness

Introducing a new category to a well-established F&B category is a challenge. The Pickle Juice Company chose a familiar concept and name in order to promote consumer confidence. This coupled with grassroots, completely transparent go to market approach has resulted in very favorable feedback and sustainable growth.

Besides, consumer and buyer education is an ongoing focus for the company and staff. Helping the market understand that Pickle Juice® is a purpose built, trademarked product and not synonymous with Pickle Brine is extremely important in the North American Market (less so overseas). Educating consumers, athletic trainers, retail buyers and elite athletes on the functional mechanisms of neural inhibitors as they pertain to addressing muscle cramps is also critical.

Producing Healthy and Being Transparent Is the Key

Successful companies in the current consumer environment must accept the fact that they no longer control the consumer narrative. We live in an age of complete transparency, companies must do everything they can to ensure that they only make claims that are factual and sustainable. Social media and consumer statements can be an incredibly valuable ally or a fatal foe depending on how organizations behave and what they are attempting to sell to the market.

The Pickle Juice Company is absolutely transparent about its products. Its ingredient statement is clean, the products are USDA organic certified, its facilities are FDA and OU Kosher inspected, all of the products are produced in-house in the firm’s USA facilities (including product being consumed in the global markets).

The company points to multiple scientific studies supporting its product’s efficacy and encourage all consumers to submit and research reviews. Producing the best, most functional healthy products and being transparent about its intentions is at the heart of what The Pickle Juice Company does.

The Roadmap Ahead

The company’s five-year plan is to secure a sustainable foothold in all major global trade markets and continue to expand the organization by introducing new and complementary products, continuing the partnership with non-profit organizations and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles for its consumers.

In this regard, a pivotal decision was taken in 2015 to roll out The Pickle Juice Company’s global expansion initiative, which was very impactful. This plan is expected to be completed in 2020. Furthermore, The Pickle Juice Company is expecting to launch 3 line extensions in the back half of 2018 as well as a multi-brand independent rep direct sales model which will reach approximately 80% of the independent running, cycling, and endurance sports retailers and events in North America.

Belaud the Brilliance

Filip Keuppens, VP, Global Sales, and Marketing:

“We believe in transparency, inviting inspection, empowering employees to have a voice and creating a culture of seeking perfection.”

“We produce a truly one of a kind, unique product that does something that over 50% of the population needs.”