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Harnessing Innovation to Drive Growth: KeyedIn

thesiliconreview-lauri-klaus-ceo-keyedIn-18Teams working for large corporations have strict deadlines for finishing their projects. Companies from various industries such as IT services, software, telecommunications, cloud computing, e-commerce, etc. enforce tight deadlines within which their teams must deliver. Project management itself has become a desired skill, with companies paying handsomely for experienced managers who can deliver within the desired timeframe. Getting things done for a team lead means balancing all the capabilities of subordinates and constantly monitoring and tracking their progress.

A company named KeyedIn has developed a unique platform to offer innovative solutions for managing projects. It enables effective planning by offering project templates that support budget forecasts for resources, expenditures, and benefits; detailed task plans; major milestone tracking; and risks and issues capture. Its plethora of features such as forecasting, planning, tracking, and accounting, ensures that clients can manage and invest the right resources in the right projects, further enabling them to meet critical reporting objectives and enhance the growth of their business.

Project Management Redefined

Large corporations, more often than not have several projects running with several more waiting in the pipeline. Some of them have a higher priority than others. KeyedIn’s platform ensures that the most valuable projects take priority thanks to portfolio management that allows companies to score and prioritize projects, model "what if" scenarios and create portfolios on the fly. Additionally, it allows a project manager to put the right people on the right projects at the right time by giving clients a 360-degree view of resource utilization, availability, capacity, and allocation.

With a wide array of highly interactive features, the platform enables easy usage which is instrumental for a cohesive environment and to facilitate maximum efficiency among team members. KeyedIn helps a team deliver the most valuable work on time and on a budget thanks to a host of user-centric capabilities, including task management, project lifecycle mapping, social collaboration, and more. With everything centralized, information is much easier to find and now everyone can access that data anywhere, anytime, from any device when they need to write a report, file a timesheet or check an invoice.

Analysis of products that are under development or otherwise finished and deployed is an integral aspect of running an organization. Corporations with vast numbers of employees require a comprehensive analysis to ensure that things are running optimally. KeyedIn offers real-time visibility into every aspect of a client’s portfolios, programs, and projects using a combination of persona-based dashboards, simple and configurable data boxes, and flexible Project Insights. Such a broad sweeping solution delivers much-needed visibility over key project information and enables the management to monitor who has been working on what and how much something is costing. Not another point solution, KeyedIn adds value to your existing technology investments by integrating with your core systems thanks to a state-of-the-art integration platform and a RESTful API.

Expert Services

Beyond offering powerful software tailor-made for the PMO, KeyedIn is supported by a world-class services organization that will help clients design, deploy, and optimize a solution that is right for their business. With KeyedIn Projects, clients can fully automate every aspect of project delivery. From forecasting their demand for resource across your pipeline and existing projects, through to accurately billing completed work. KeyedIn Projects will keep an organization’s entire team focused on driving improved utilization, profitability, and productivity. Corporations start to set realistic customer expectations right from the first engagement. By centralizing all of the project and resource data, one can easily see periods of peak demand, as well as overall availability. Project templates enable clients to quickly create new projects based on previous experience or best practice. Then by modeling demand for resources, even at the initial bid stage, companies can start to see the impact on their resource capability and set expectations accordingly - making it far easier to cope with changes in customer demand.

Meet the CEO behind KeyedIn, Lauri Klaus

Lauri’s experience, know-how, and goal-oriented tenacity come from 20 years at Epicor Software. Over this time span, she went from her first position to Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, and Services. In her EVP role, Lauri managed more than 1400 sales and services professionals worldwide and generated nearly 200M in annual revenue. She also excelled at leadership, ensuring global methodologies and standards across Epicor’s worldwide sales and consulting operations. Along with her team, Lauri led a joint approach, bringing together Epicor sales and authorized partners with the unifying mission to grow the channel and deliver unequaled value to customers worldwide.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that Lauri had never been a salesperson when asked to lead a sales team, especially one with a worldwide presence. Despite this, Lauri achieved amazing results with her vision and leadership style that embraced employees with good will, mutual respect and audacious goals.

In the first year under Lauri’s stewardship, sales achieved 130% of the budget while delivering over 800 new name logos and around 100M in licensing revenue. As for those 1400 sales and service professionals, that division went from losing money in a quarter to padding Epicor’s bottom line to the tune of 20M.

Vision, execution, empowered teams, shared values, and breathtaking goals. These are the things that Lauri is known for, believes in and has built her career doing. Now it’s KeyedIn’s turn and Lauri is up to the challenge.

“Simplifying business processes, improving performance and driving results through an innovative combination of aPaaS and SaaS solutions.”