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A leading healthcare marketing agency driven by strategy, inspired by creativity, and balanced by business: HashtagHealth


In today’s consumer-driven landscape, a data-driven, targeted healthcare marketing strategy plays an integral role in competing with other healthcare providers. With proper tools and processes, healthcare marketers are uniquely well poised to inspire, engage, and educate patients and customers with relevant content. With the right mix of channels (social media, conventional offline ads, email, patient portals, and call centers), combined with a healthy messaging strategy and targeting methods, you can reach the right audience at the right time. Without a proper marketing strategy in place, there would be less inflow of new patients, and you might even lose your loyal patients one by one. Globally there are various companies providing excellent marketing services for the healthcare segment, but HashtagHealth stands out from the rest. HashtagHealth is a social media agency focused exclusively on healthcare.


From its inception, HashtagHealth has been solely devoted to bridging the gap between traditional healthcare marketing and social media. For patients affected by various health conditions and healthcare professionals seeking late-breaking news, social media is an essential lifeline. HashtagHealth is motivated to support, educate, and engage patients, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals with the ultimate hope that it will lead to better health outcomes and improved doctor-patient communication. They agency covers everything from social campaign creative concepting and development to platform management and monitoring, influencer mapping and social listening, employee workshops and training, live event broadcasts, and much more.

In conversation with Brittany Latson and Kristin Hassan, founders of HashtagHealth

Q. It is quite difficult to achieve success in every marketing campaign that is developed. How do you overcome failures?

The world of social media changes rapidly. With that in mind, we create content and campaigns that evolve from month to month based on the successes of the content we publish as well as the feedback received from the social community. This evolving, dynamic process allows us to capitalize and expand on what worked well or quickly learn and adapt our approach based on what didn’t. We never consider something a failure if it provides us with insight and opportunities to improve our approach and ultimately leads to success.

Q. We’re constantly told that creating strong teams and building employee trust are important in business. As more and more meetings move online and employees become more geographically dispersed, how do you do this?

Our company has always existed as a virtual office, so we’ve always relied on digital technology to communicate with our team from all corners of the world. While it can be hard to sustain a strong company culture from afar, we do our best to show our employees that not only do we care about them, we appreciate the work they do, the people they are, and the things they love most. Doing business with compassion and integrity is our number one priority—and that includes our people. We periodically send team gifts for big agency occasions, organize charity initiatives that correspond with our clients’ work, create fun employee profiles, and most importantly, try to ensure that, on a day-to-day basis, we make people feel heard and connected. While work is always important, at HashtagHealth, personal health and family still come first—and this compassionate approach to team management has created a truly supportive environment in which people are motivated to do their best work.

Q. What are the anticipated trends in the healthcare marketing segment?

Social media will continue to take a more dominant role in how healthcare marketers approach interactions with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. More importantly, it will continue to evolve how those groups communicate with one another. Video- and audio-based platforms will become increasingly essential tools for truly engaging with people in a meaningful and memorable way. 

Q. How do you market your services?

Currently, we do very little to market our services. The vast majority of our business has come to us through word of mouth and via expanded project scopes of existing clients. Because we are one of the only social media agencies exclusively focused on healthcare, we are grateful and fortunate that our expertise is often sought after.


Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

As social media platforms launch and evolve, so do our services. We are constantly adapting our offerings based on the trends within the social media space, integrating new tools and technologies as quickly as they emerge. With the recent uptick in popularity of audio-based communications (due to the success of Clubhouse) we are expanding into the development of podcasts, while the increasing use and popularity of video apps (such as TikTok) provide exciting opportunities for us to connect with a new breed of influencers. However, we firmly believe that just because a new idea is “cool” or “fun,” it doesn’t mean it might be the right strategic platform for our clients; it depends on their particular objectives. Therefore, we never propose new tactics or services to our clients unless it is a strategically sound decision for their business goals.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future is bright for HashtagHealth, as our team continues to grow to meet the demands of the evolving industry. As of late, we’ve been involved in more social live broadcasts and dynamic video content to provide exceptional engagement opportunities for our clients. Most importantly, we are partnering with many clients who have expanded their social initiatives for the next two years, enabling us to reach and interact with more patients on a truly meaningful level. At the end of the day, we are most excited and appreciative to work on projects in which patients and their families truly feel supported.

Meet the leaders behind the success of HashtagHealth

Brittany Latson and Kristin Hassan launched HashtagHealth more than six years ago with the hope of supporting and connecting patients around the world. It is still that drive and desire to support those who need it most that make HashtagHealth a unique agency. They are extremely proud of the work the agency has created and are forever grateful for the incredible team at HashtagHealth that is equally passionate about making a difference.

“We partner with dynamic healthcare companies and advocacy groups worldwide that are passionate about giving patients and healthcare professionals a voice where they need it most.”