20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

Have a look at what Interwork Technologies has to offer

An American distributor of IT security, information management and network solutions, Interwork Technologies was established in 1991 by Richard Earle with headquarters in Toronto, Canada and Amherst, NY. Interwork Technologies brings to you the best and diverse security technology for your cloud based systems and data center security. It sales is mainly based in Canada and the U.S.

It has an unmatched service offering with technological expertise. The company invests heavily in training and development to provide its partners with the expertise and support they need to grow their business. Along with all these it has complete portfolio of fully customizable services, including Product and Technical Training, Customer Service and Credit, and Vendor Programs.

Service Offerings
• Vendors services – the main focus is on reseller partner development, enablement, and training so that vendors have the right partners with the right skill sets to solve customer business challenges
• Resellers’ services – fast and accurate, helps you connect with the right people for your business. And provides expert IT security solutions and software licensing
• End users services – It helps connect you with the exact reseller, one that fits your criteria list and is affordable yet gives you the best possible value. Assistance for IT security practice can also be availed. Interwork Technologies then identify a reseller who specializes in the same industry, giving you access to the technology and expertise you need to meet your business goals and objectives.

It provides with the tools and resources to its partners to expand their business. From reseller partner development, enablement, and training, to world-class customer service, product expertise, and sales support, Interwork technologies can provide with any kind of customized needs of customers.

Some of its top vendors are: • Beyond Trust
• Attachmate
• Win Magic Data Security
• Edge Wave
• Watch Guard
• Trend Micro