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Helping organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements: DocuSign


Do you think you waste too much time signing papers or documents? People format a document, print it, sign it, and scan into the computer. It takes both your time and money. It is a digital age; there are numbers of new inventions, just like electronic signatures. E-signing let their users sign documents in seconds.

Many tools are available on the internet, these tools not just allow you to sign your documents in seconds but they also save your documents and give you quick access whenever you want. Now the business world also acknowledges the advantages of these techniques for digital signatures. It is a most comfortable and effective way to sign online agreements and transactions. Electronic signatures prevent unnecessary delays from posting the documents to other parties. Also, it is a secure way to sign documents because traditional signatures can be forged or copied.

DocuSign was originated in the year 2003, its mission is to accelerate business and simplify life for companies and people globally. The company took an initiative to develop DocuSign to help organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

The company’s value is very simple: legacy, paper-based agreement processes are manual, slow, expensive, and error-prone. It eliminates the paper, automate the process, and connect it to all the other systems that businesses are already using.

DocuSign’s platform has 350+ prebuilt integrations with popular business apps. In addition its API allows embedding and connecting DocuSign with customers’ websites, mobile apps, and custom workflows.

Currently, over 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries utilize DocuSign to quicken the process of doing business and to simplify people’s lives.

Get remote work done faster and easier: From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, DocuSign eSignature is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time. And because it’s part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, you can extend these benefits to other stages of the agreement process, such as preparing, acting on, and managing agreements.

DocuSign eSignature includes features like:

Sign from anywhere: The company’s highly-rated mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows let you work on the go—even when you don’t have internet access.

Instant status visibility: Always know where your agreement is in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications at every step.

Collect the details you need: Add standard fields to your agreement like a signature or date, or create and save custom fields.

Support for 43 languages: DocuSign offers users the ability to sign documents in 43 localized languages and to send in 13.

Reusable templates: Save time and standardize processes by storing frequently used agreements along with their custom fields, recipient routing, and other settings.

Highly secure: DocuSign meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

In financial services, agreements are fundamental to the customer moments that matter—for example, opening an account, securing a loan, or transferring wealth. If you’re still asking customers to view tiny PDF forms on a mobile device, it’s time to modernize their experience with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud™.

DocuSign can help you create a fast, frictionless agreement process that increases conversion and customer satisfaction while maintaining security and compliance.

Customers want real estate process to be very fast and easy. From lead to close, each step must be simple for the customer, agent, and broker. DocuSign helps make this vision a reality by replacing manual and paper processes with automated, digital technologies.

For instance, Dilbeck Real Estate depended on paper processes, which were costing high and inefficient too. With the help of DocuSign, paper costs have gone down by 50 percent and time-to-close is reduced, delighting clients, agents and staff.

“We knew we needed to come up with a different solution,” says Leane Forsee, from Dilbeck. “Paper files take up a considerable amount of room. Plus there’s the storage of those files and the expense of the paper. There were a variety of reasons we were looking at going digital.”

“Part of the success with this rollout has been the support we’ve received from DocuSign,” says Lamarine. “DocuSign follows up with us and ensures all of our needs are met. They look for and value our feedback. That has been above and beyond what we could’ve asked for. We’re more confident when we walk into a management meeting, because we know DocuSign has our back. That’s been huge. Support can be the make it or break it part of implementing a new platform. They’re committed to our success.”

Meet the Expert

As the CEO of DocuSign, Dan Springer leads employees to empower organizations of every size and industry to achieve their digital transformations by helping them make every agreement 100% digital.

Dan has almost 30 years of executive leadership and experience driving innovation and hyper-growth across the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry. Prior to DocuSign, Dan served as Chairman and CEO of Responsys (MKTG), where he led the sale of the company to Oracle in 2013 for $1.6 billion. Previously, he was Managing Director of Modem Media and also served as CEO at Telleo, CMO at NextCard, and as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Dan holds an MBA from Harvard University and an AB in Mathematics and Economics from Occidental College.

“DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 way to sign electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.”