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High-Performance Days Can Be a New Normal at your Call Center with Convoso


The outbound call center business is not easy. Such businesses needs experts who share a common goal of helping the customers convert more leads faster using the latest innovations. Convoso’s cloud-based omnichannel contact center software is one such innovation.

Established in 2006, Convoso is the leading cloud-based call center software for sales and lead generation teams. It dramatically increases contact and lead conversion rates while supporting TCPA compliance. Because Convoso’s call center customers are its top priority, it is continuously developing solutions and supporting their growth with dedicated product experts.

“I tell people how Convoso’s state of the art automation, efficiency, and compliance help me manage the three biggest costs in my call center: payroll, data, and legal compliance. Long gone are the days of having to analyze my costs. Convoso saves me money before there even is a cost,” said Heather Griffin, Call Center Consultant and Chief Revenue Officer of Dvinci.

Convoso’s technology is built to cut downtime and costs by automating and housing the day-to-day routines and metrics in one easy-to-use platform. Call center owners and managers can operate with complete clarity through Convoso’s feature-rich admin portal and reporting console.

A WFH Call Center

Call center services have had to adapt just as much as the corporate had to during the COVID-19 pandemic. For an industry, that was incredibly reliant on the employees being present physically at offices, this transition was hard. But with the help of services like Convoso, the transition happened successfully as call centers moved to the cloud and the agents started working from home.

Convoso can effectively help manage work from home agents with features that help communicate, hold them accountable, and encourage engagement. Convoso’s Dynamic Scripting expedites onboarding and training, while lowering costs. Companies can understand where the agent time is spent with the Agent Monitor and Reports. They can send broadcast messages to the whole team, or chat with individual agents, listen in on calls and whisper guidance when needed.

By delivering the power of Omnichannel Automation, Convoso can help automate lead follow-up across voice, text, and email to dramatically boost contact rates while staying compliant. This means that companies can breathe easy as dialing the leads exhaustively can be made a thing of future and the agents can start dialing strategically. With Convoso's software, call center agents will experience an increase in conversations, while their managers make critical decisions based off intelligent real-time reporting on list performance and agent productivity.

Monitor the Health of Caller IDs

Outbound contact centers have seen that there has a major increase in their phone numbers being flagged or blocked. This is due to the fact that the U.S. regulators have forced both the regulators and carriers to take action to prevent illegal spoofing and robodialling. Telecom service providers now are broadly flagging and blocking phone numbers, even if they belong to legitimate businesses. But this means that many outbound contact centers find their number flagged or worse – blocked.

While it is alright from telecom companies to use algorithms to protect their consumers from scam and unwanted calls, many important and legal calls are flagged as potential spam risk.

“Legit companies all around the states are impacted by this caller ID flagging mechanism,” said Convoso Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Bobby Hakimi. “Even consumers are affected.”

To tackle this problem, Convoso ClearCallerID was launched in May 2021. The tool that boosts the effectiveness and power of their Caller ID Reputation Management by tracking blocked and flagged phone numbers. The new capability monitors the health of the caller IDs used by outbound call centers to dial prospects and customers by identifying when their caller IDs are blocked or labeled as a spam risk by the major telecommunications carriers. The tool also applies advanced predictive analytics to forecast the impact that blocked and flagged calls have on a company’s existing KPIs.

“Legitimate business phone numbers are getting caught in the web of call flagging and blocking that’s intended to target scammers and nefarious actors,” said Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Bobby Hakimi. ”This new feature, Convoso ClearCallerID, addresses the issue for our customers by delivering a significant enhancement to our existing caller ID reputation management capabilities.”

The Leader Upfront

Nima Hakimi, CEO and Co-Founder

Nima Hakimi is the CEO and co-founder of Convoso. With over a decade of experience in starting various companies, his exceptional leadership has consistently navigated through the ups and downs of running a successful business. Nima’s clear vision for Convoso helped establish the core values that nurture the culture of the Company today. Prior to Convoso, Nima began his entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of an online advertising network with millions of users at its peak. Nima takes great pride in his customer’s success which is what drives him to constantly research the market space for solutions to challenges. He views Convoso as his family and goes above and beyond in providing the needed tools for the Company to succeed.

“Convoso’s technology is built to cut downtime and costs by automating and housing the day-to-day routines and metrics in one easy-to-use platform.”