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Horizon Innovations reviews marketing trends of national companies and specializes in training professionals


Outsourcing comes in handy when a company or business can’t control and handle all the processes internally. Entrusting business processes to external professionals became an everyday reality. Software development, customer support services, content writing are the most popular tasks that are outsourced to other companies.

The main reason for such growing popularity of outsourcing is the lack of internal experts and cost-saving initiative. For some businesses, there is no need to hire an in-house team of professionals to perform certain tasks. Thus, outsourcing is the best options that can help a company get all the jobs done effectively and for the reduced labor costs. Your company or business can benefit from outsourcing as well.

Horizon Innovations knows that the world is changing – new technologies, disciplines, companies and job descriptions are springing up every day. Today’s top jobs didn’t exist five years ago. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking for talent to fill positions that haven’t yet been imagined, and competing for talent with new types of employers and industries. Choosing to outsource core functions like sales and marketing is a serious, often make-or-break decision. As a result, you need an outsourced company with serious experience. Other outsourcing firms have tried to emulate the firm’s one-of-a-kind model, but our skilled people and breadth of knowledge cannot be duplicated.

Horizon Innovations offers a full spectrum of outsourced solutions and service offerings to help organizations empower their business. Horizon Innovations services which increase output and communication while optimizing business performance by helping you overcome cost and other perceived complexities. Horizon Innovations is an innovative marketing firm that embraces the entrepreneurial mindset and drives employee empowerment. It feels that it is its duty to provide a fair advancement opportunity to all employees within the company. That is why it has in place a management in training program. Its program is result-driven and is committed to unleashing its employees’ potentials.

Horizon Innovations can be your best choice

Since its team acts seamlessly as your sales force there is no more important brand image in its mind than that of its clients. The firm works tirelessly to make sure your sales team is managed to represent your brand in a way that will make you proud to call it a partner. The company knows that combining the right people with sound intelligence and flawless execution ensures the most successful outsourced results.

With these changes in mind, its goal is simple: to continue to attract and retain the world’s best talent. Horizon Innovations is a perfect combination of innovative ideas, superb client service and successful business professionals. It believes that the quality of a business depends upon the quality of its people with varying backgrounds, resources, and skills.

The organization’s philosophy of 100% internal merit based promotion guarantees that it is able to offer career opportunities and the growth potential to realize career goals to people of all backgrounds. An ideal candidate would be a success-oriented and self-motivated individual with a strong desire to advance quickly in a high-energy, professional environment. Horizon Innovations will provide full training in sales, marketing, public relations and team management.

Horizon Innovations is pro at:

Marketing Services: To grow beyond the middle market, you need a world-class sales execution company. But many companies in the middle market don’t have the resources to fully realize all of their sales growth opportunities. So, to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go you need a partner with experience like Horizon Innovations.

Execution & Commitment: The company instructs and develops a skilled sales force from the ground up through a cross train of in house seminars, role plays and hands on experience. Each representative is fully trained on every detail pertaining to the clients brand, the services it will be working with and the products its clients offer. Horizon Innovations believe the key to successful sales is to become experts of the campaigns it represents.

Positive Mental Attitude: You need to have a positive attitude each time you meet with a prospect. Your prospects and clients can hear that smile through your phone and they will listen to someone who is passionate and driven about their product. Without a positive attitude, you will never be able to show the benefits of your product.

Product & Industry Knowledge: Top sales people are always a student of their industry and the product they sell. If you know your product inside and out as well as what is going on in the industry you can form questions that will captivate and capture your prospects and turn them into customers.

Scalability & Flexibility: Horizon Innovations has the infrastructure to customize, hire, and deploy your team — on a wide or small scale — under rigorous timelines. This flexibility enables its clients to launch pilot programs in new markets with virtually no risk before committing to an investment.

Meet the Expert

Nora Su, President: Nora was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to Greenfield, ma when she was 13. Eventually, she graduated top of her class from university of Washington in Seattle with the degree in economics. She got into the business solely for the advancement opportunity but fell in love with the business because of the work environment and the sole focus on developing other people. Since opening her branch in Jacksonville, Nora has consistent ran the top office for her client. The goal for this year is provide 3 more people with the same opportunity that was given to her.

“Through Horizon Innovations fast-paced and energetic work environment and aggressive training program, the company is looking for massive expansion in the Jacksonville area and/or other markets.”