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Since 1946: HostMyCalls Continues to Provide Best-in-Class Hosted PBX, VoIP, and Unified Communication Services with Outstanding Support at an Affordable Price


“We do not dictate how the customer is going to have anything programmed, we simply guide them.”

Companies of all makes and sizes are making the transition to hosted VoIP telephone systems as they are attracted by the flexible capabilities that hosted telephone systems offer. In contrast, others are forced to make the transition because of the unfeasible economies of owning a telephone system. The unmistakable reality is that there is no research and development in premise-based telephone systems.

On top of that, the difficulty most companies face in their transition to hosted VoIP is the customer support of their new provider. Exaggerated by most of the leadership teams of the larger hosted VoIP providers have little to no telecommunications experience.

In light of the foregoing, we’re pleased to present HostMyCalls, whose roots go back 75 years where it began installing and maintaining telephone and nurse call systems in 1946. At the height of the dot-com bubble in 2000, the HostMyCalls team realized the power, flexibility, and efficiency of providing hosted VoIP service. They began building their platform and installed their first hosted telephone system in April 2001. The company’s customers who come from other providers quickly feel the significant upgrade in their all US-based support that comes from 75 years in the industry and two decades of providing hosted service.

James Waldrop, President and Owner of HostMyCalls, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

“Many of our competitors lack relevant experience installing and maintaining telephone systems.”

“Yet, a hosted telephone system is a telephone system. The support requirements between hosted and premise telephone systems have many similarities. Hosted systems require more support because we're delivering a real-time service over a customer's internet and network.”

Providing Unmatched Customer Support

From day one of onboarding a new customer, HostMyCalls' support teams start the process for a successful installation and user training. They customize the solution for the customer and do not apply a cookie-cutter package.

“Our existing customers experience easy access and high availability when support is needed. With English as their primary language, all our US-based support team members provide timely and skilled technical support. We are aware that quality customer support has proven to be the key to customer retention and future sales success.”

With many years of communications experience plus having provided hosted PBX and VoIP service for over two decades, HostMyCalls has seasoned its business and allowed a perspective on the needs of business customers of all sizes. This provides best-in-class hosted PBX, VoIP, and unified communications needed to thrive in today's world.

Put simply, the employees of HostMyCalls use their combined experience to offer customized solutions unique to each customer.

“We know telecommunications decisions can be difficult and may affect every employee and every corner of their customer's company.”

Addressing Real Problems that Others Ignore

Business Grade Text Messaging using 10-Digit Telephone Number (SMS 10DLC) — SMS 10DLC is still in its infancy, but it is already a powerful medium to get immediate attention and interact with customers. Imagine a world where you can reach 95 percent of your customers at any time of the day, and those customers will open and read any communication from you within three minutes of receiving it. Could that change your business growth trajectory? Most hosted VoIP competitors do not understand the power of SMS 10DLC and only treat it as a toy, lacking most of the capability of a smartphone SMS application.

“We, at HostMyCalls, provide and continue to develop SMS as a strategic communications platform for our customers intended to augment and, at times, replace voice calls.”

WebRTC — WebRTC provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication. It is a technology that has been around a long time and is built into almost every major web browser in existence. It provides a powerful voice and video communications but is largely ignored by voice companies.

“We, at HostMyCalls, are developing solutions to give our customers flexible new ways to communicate using WebRTC. This will give a new meaning to mobility by turning any browser into a telephone.”

Collaborating with the Field — Many companies have field personnel who routinely reach a customer's location and need support from others within their organization. Considerable time is lost as field personnel describe what they see, and others describe what they should examine.

“While others have built excellent solutions for presentation and collaboration for folks chained to a desk, only HostMyCalls has a field personnel collaboration solution with its HostMyVideo Remote Hands meeting.”

Effective Leadership

James Waldrop provides the vision and leadership for the teams of highly experienced employees with a “no blame” culture at its core. In an industry where problem management has to be a part of central planning, HostMyCalls' “no blame” culture provides honest meetings on what went wrong and how to prevent a future recurrence.

“Problems will happen. But with honest meetings, hard work, and thorough examination, our goal is to limit problems to one occurrence only.”

Businesses need reliability and continuity from their communications partners, especially during times of financial headwinds. HostMyCalls is a privately held company with absolutely no debt and strong monthly positive cash flows. Publicly traded competitors have massive amounts of debt and may not survive financially difficult times or become a takeover target. Having no debt, fault-tolerant geo-redundant data centers, highly experienced and accessible personnel, and a strong vision makes HostMyCalls a resilient and reliable solutions provider.

A Relentlessly Reliable Leader

James “Jim” Waldrop started working his first job for his father’s interconnect company at age nine by doing yard work around the business office. After taking an interest in the company’s Apple II plus computer, Jim, at 10, was developing relational databases to manage the company inventory. This began his lifelong “hobby” in software development. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in physics and immediately joined his father’s company in 1991 and transitioned it into what is HostMyCalls today. Jim also serves on the board of The Ideacom Network.

“We are the best-kept secret in telecom. A fundamental and relevant point of focus for our organization is customer support. We find our high customer retention rate directly proportional to the effective services we offer to our clients.”