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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2021 is Your Complete Reference for Betting Online


Online sports betting first became legal in New Jersey in 2018, when Governor Phil Murphy signed the sports bill. That was pretty much like a starting pistol being shot because other states were quick to follow with their own legislation to allow legal online gambling. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir, and there were plenty of companies within the space that wanted to get a piece of this multibillion-dollar industry.

However, it isn’t as easy as just deciding to get involved and going for it. In order to get a piece of the pie, you need to comply with the regulations in each individual state. That means securing a license to operate within state lines. But with so many dollars moving within the space, unethical rogue companies disguised themselves as local betting guides and tried to mislead many Americans into thinking that it’s okay for them to gamble at offshore sites. And they were careful not to mention that this offshore online gambling might lead to them getting into trouble with the law back home.

That’s when Raketech Group’s co-founders stepped in and proposed the HowToBet project. They saw an opportunity in the market to provide genuinely reliable information to bettors through a new online gambling portal. After pitching this project to the board, HowToBet began its journey as a part of Raketech. The co-founders decided that the best name for this new gambling portal would be, and its purpose would be simply to help as many Americans as possible to make educated and rational gambling decisions.

After the domain was acquired, it was recruitment time. The project needed someone who would be able to drive the product and build a community around it. That’s where Cristian Campan, Commercial Product Lead of HowToBet, came in. “We spent several months conducting market research to better clarify who our target audience is and what their main problems and concerns are. After identifying what we had to achieve, we drew up our plan and set out on a mission: ‘To explain betting,’” said Cristian Campan.

Today, HowToBet is sharing its expert ethical betting knowledge with people so that they can have a winning chance against the bookie, the house, or even naming the winner of the next Dancing with the stars. The betting guides on the platform guide and coach people to bet the right way on many sports, including basketball, football, golf, baseball, MMA, racing, tennis, and ice hockey.

"Everything we do, everything we believe, everything we’re committed to, is all about improving your experience as a bettor. The way we help you improve is by giving you free access to detailed how-to guides that are crafted by industry experts. And, of course, we make sure that all of our guides are as easy to read and as user-friendly as they possibly can be,” emphasized Cristian Campan, the Commercial Product Lead of HowToBet.

The platform takes betting very seriously, and that reflects by the sheer class of talent they onboard on as the experts. Before onboarding a new expert, HowToBet looks at their credentials and what other online publications they have been featured in. It’s also important to note that most of their betting experts are also experienced handicappers. “Our main goal for is to create a community of betting experts that want to teach and share their best betting practices with the masses,” explained Cristian. offers the best tools and guidance needed for people to achieve the most out of their online betting experience. That said, how efficiently someone studies the guides and applies what they learn can vary quite a lot. It, of course, comes down to the existing experience of the reader and their willingness to learn and implement new ideas for their specific niche. But the comprehensive guides on the website, which are neatly categorized and presented on, help those who want to learn in the best way possible.

The journey to betting on anything should not be a daunting one because nothing is more frustrating than not having the answers you need to the betting questions you have. can be a mentor/ coach who could help you understand all there is to know about betting. “The point here is that good coaching – which simply means guiding someone in the right direction – can make all the difference. You can obviously choose to struggle on your own and learn important lessons the hard way. But if you have a mentor on your side, you can often avoid much of the pain and difficulties that you’d have to face when going it alone,” added Cristian Campan. “We know from experience that having a great coach on a team puts you miles ahead. So that’s what we are trying to achieve for our readers at"

Looking Ahead

To reach out to more people,  HowtoBet is debuting its NFL video podcast named “How to bet it.” This new format will revolve around the 2021/2022 NFL season, and it will teach a listener “How to bet it,” “Where to bet it,” and “Who to bet on.” The host for this show will be Daryl Fein and Sean Miller; both are gambling veterans with tons of betting experience under their belts. The show will give the HowtoBet audience a detailed breakdown of where to find the most betting value for each week, live odds, and special promo offers from HowToBet partners. The show is going to air on 6th September 2021.

The long-term vision for is to be a fully-fledged betting community. “We want to give every user the opportunity to progress from being a ‘beginner’ to an ‘intermediate’, and then to an ‘expert,’” said Cristian Campan. Once a bettor is deemed an expert, HowtoBet will give him/her the chance to become a ‘paid pro’ (sharp) so that they can monetize their betting knowledge by providing tips and picks to the broader community.

The Leader Upfront

Cristian Campan, Commercial Product Lead

Cristian is known for his work with SEO and product development, creating synergies and moving businesses forward. He is also known for SEO-friendly websites, dedication to clients, and constant enthusiasm for innovation.

Prior to establishing, Cristian spent over 5 years leading creative SEO programs and product development solutions for a high-profile global iGaming affiliate.

Cristian holds a master’s degree in Business and Marketing Innovation from Aarhus University, Denmark. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from RAU University in Bucharest, Romania.

" offers the best tools and guidance needed for people to achieve the most out of their online betting experience.”